Castle Warfare Trebuchet

Siege means attacking on a castle and aiming to attack them to surrender on the inside. This is a time where trouble was called for. Knights would surround the castle and wait for them to surrender on the inside.

A knight planing an attack a siege on a castle

What is a Trebuchet? A trebuchet is a weapon that was used in feudal times during a siege on a castle. It flung mostly rocks or heavy missiles. It was powered by the force of gravity. A Trebuchet shoots as far as two football fields.

A trebuchet

What is a Trebuchet made out of ? This is a homemade trebuchet made from wood back then a trebuchet would be made out of Soil Sand Sandbags, Planks Duckboards, Wood, Concrete, and Sleepers Trees.

home made trebuchet.

When was a trebuchet used? A trebuchet was used in the middle ages time during a siege.


How does a trebuchet work?A trebuchet works by pulling a string which releases the wood and flings a missile or a heavy rock.

What is a medieval castle?This is a medieval castle, A castle that was used in the middle ages during a time were sieges took place.

example of a medevil castle

What makes the medieval castle unique?

There were many stories about many haunted castles, such as these may have took place in a medieval castle are made out of Stone, mortar, and wood.


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