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Hi , my name is Chok Yuet Ng (Rachel) and i am studying Bachelor of Mass Communication Major in Public Relations and Event Management . I am now 22 years old. I find great interest in Public Relations and Event Management industries . I'd love to bring creative ideas to life and i am passionate to join these interesting industries after i completed my studies.

Assignment 1 : E-Portfolio

Exercise 1 : Stop Motion Animation

Tom & Jerry had a war to get P.L.A.Y letters to win the game !

Exercise 2 : Viral Content

Get High On Life - Not On Drugs

We often heard from people taking drugs will make them feel good. Honestly , they do feel good. But they will never realise that will cause them harmful effects. . Drug abuse is the over use of legal or illegal substances. Drug abuse is an issue that attracts much attention in society and It is also number one health related problem . It can caused by many different problems such as poverty , sickness , unwanted pregnancy and family break ups. Drug abuse destroy a person not only from inside as well as outside. It affects their body organs and their image to the society.

There are many reasons that people may turn to drugs. Especially teenager with low self esteem will easily get influenced. Some people don’t ever have intention of abusing drugs , they may start increase the dosage of drugs without doctor’s permission. Drugs abuse can be addiction as well . Any person can get addicted to drugs willingly or unwillingly. Drug abuse in most cases affects the brain because if stops your nerve transmit from sending and receiving the message to or from the brain, it can damage the way your brain functions forever.

Say ‘No’ to drugs abuse is the most difficult struggles ever due to they consume a lot of drugs and had a bad long term effect. Many people believe that there is absolutely nothing bad because they think it is only the present situation and totally ignore the long term effect. Here are a few of suggestions that how to fight drug abuse :

Talk to them about it – Tell them about the disadvantages of drug abuse may help them or their friends and family come out from drugs does harm the functioning of the brain. Putting a thought into the drug abuse habit of the society will help us reduce the use of drugs and promote healthy living.

Advice them to go Rehabilitation centres – There are many rehabilitation centres across every country to help them to fight against drug abuse. They help a person to get out of the habit by decreasing the dose gradually and eventually getting rid of the habit totally. Is impossible to stop the use of drugs all at once because the human body may cause the condition of the person even worse.

Support The Fight - Supporting the fight against drug abuse will not only help you save other people’s lives. Drug abuse can be looked at as a harm of the society, many people will hate them and dare not communicate with them. We should help the people who are hanging in the middle of nowhere, talk to them, help them out of it. Most of the times the only reason people start taking drugs is because they can’t find anyone to talk to. Be that one that help to get out of this awful habit.

Exercise 3 : Infographics

If you’ve never deal with drug addiction in your personal life. There are a number of popular myths about drug addiction that many of us take as fact, simply because we’ve never been faced with the truth before. To better understand what drug addiction is, and what it is not, let’s take a look at some of the most popular myths concerning drug abuse.

Exercise 4 : Mobile App

Description : The Bee is a social loyalty applications that allows everyone to earn loyalty points when you shop or dine . Everyone can use these points to redeem vouchers or freebies or even trade your points with your friends !

A) By using THE BEE , we can collect our loyalty points in this app . As well as Trade your "Honey" with friends. *Honey is the name of our stamps*

B) Visit the places you like and we reward you for visiting your favourite merchants. Remember to collect "Honey" from every purchase you make.

C) Just an example , I go to Bubble Tea merchants to buy a cup of bubble tea and i able get a loyalty stamp , second time we get another stamp and again and again . Until the last stamp we could get a cup of free bubble tea but i forgot to bring my card . Why do we have to bring plenty of card if we have THE BEE Loyalty App ?

Splash Screen
Login Screen
Fan Wall
QR code

Assignment 2 : Video

Adventure To The Hidden Gem

Pulau Ketam is one of the place in Malaysia that provide fresh and delicious seafood dishes. In addition, this place also has the best opportunity for visitors and tourist to witness and experience the rural side of Klang. The objectives for this social page is to gather seafood lovers around the world in order to have a whole new experience of the sea.

Mindmap & Moodboard


Script / Treatment


Adventure to the hidden gem



Group members gather around to start the amazing adventure to Pulau Ketam

Yin wei:

Hey Everyone ! We are currently at Taylors University and we are ready to start our amazing adventure to Pulau Ketam ! Stay tuned !


Are you guys excited ?! Let’s GO !

Group members continue their journey.


Group members reach the destination and introducing the place.

Syasha :

Finally, we have arrived at Pulau Ketam!Let’s us start our adventure now and we will show you what is the hidden Gem in Pulau Ketam !

Members start walking to find seafood restaurant.

Members go in a restaurant and find a seat.


Group members reviewing the restaurant.

Yin Wei & Daphne(V.O):

We are so hungry right now ! Shall we order the famous dishes now ?

“After finished our food” - Give Reviews of the food

Walk out restaurant to find second restaurant.

Members cycle and walk around Pulau Ketam .


Group members share experiences about their adventure at Pulau Ketam.


Share experience

Daphne & Yin wei:

Share experience

Amy & Syasya & Rachel:

-Share experience




Assignment 3 : Animated Chat Stickers

Girl's Daily Life

(1) Happy

She is happy and she says HI to everyone with a smiley face.

(2) Sleepy

She's too tired after working. She even snores because running errands are too tiring !

(3) Working

She needs to do lots of work and run errands . She sweats and feels blurred because is so BUSY !

(4) Confused

Life is always confusing ...

(5) Sad

Her tears drop as she felt sad after being extremely stress on her work and life.

(6) Angry

"This Girl Is On Fire !" She is so angry as her eyes are on fire .

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