Growth Project By: Robby Black

For this assignment we had to cut out parts of linoleum to create an image of an endangered species. One of the challenges with this project though was the fact that there was some spots that were very small so you had to be very careful while cutting so you didn't mess the project up. Another challenge that I faced was once I started to cut I accidentally ended up cutting myself. which helped me learn to be careful when cutting and not lift up the blade quick.

When thinking about what endangered species to do I thought about some place I wanted to go for break which was the snowy mountains and I also over heard someone talking about leopards so I thought why not do a snow leopard.

Finished Cutting

Feed Back: I need to make sure that the snow leopard is bigger and make sure that my cuts go deep enough so that when I do the print no little lines show up, and also "it looks great"- Sara

About half way done

Some problems that I ran into was the fact that I had a lot of small spaces and it was hard to cut them out also, I accidentally cut out some of the snow leopard that I did not want to. And to be honest I didn't really want to work on it the whole class which kind of put me behind in the project.

My process was pretty simple what i would do is draw out my picture that i wanted to create then i put down black sharpie. then I used a number 5 blade to cut out most of the things like the rocks and the mountains, and then I used a 1 blade to cut out the non needed stuff in the snow leopard. Finally, I printed the picture onto the 10 white pieces of paper that I was given.


Created with images by Pixel-mixer - "snow leopard predator cat"

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