Other Worlds By: Samantha meredith

The world is a mysterious place, you don't know what lives there. There might be another dimension you never knew that existed.

Other worlds might be like the one where in right now, or they may be different. We don't know, all we know is that there is a parallel universe. Some scientists agree, but others don't. what do you think?

Do you think there are mythical creatures roaming in the night? Maybe they're right under your nose? Or maybe one is your best friend? How do you Know?

Created By
Samantha Meredith


Created with images by Mhy - "purple flower rain" • Ian Sane - "Our World" • DeusXFlorida (10,211,658 views) - thanks guys! - "creations01" • Schreib-Engel - "fee elf fig"

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