What Easter Means For Me... PHILLIP SHUDRYA

For me, Easter is NOT all about the easter bunny. the Easter bunny was created by satinists. Honestly, I would rather go to church than go to a farm to have a chance to win 100$ in easter eggs. Easter is celebrated by Christians as a holiday that Jesus Christ resurected from the tomb on the 3rd day.


Passover is a holiday that celebrates the event when the death angel came and slayed every first born of the egyptions. Before the passover, the family has to raise a unblemished lamb for two weeks. then they have to grill it over a fire and eat as much possible and burn the rest. with the meat they have to eat make bread without yeast and drink a sip of wine.


Before Easter happened, Jesus died on the cross and was pt in a tomb for 3 days. then he resurected. my opinion on what he was doing while he was in the tomb is that he was taking my sins far away. so eaaster is not all about the easter bunny.

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