Tool time

to survive? Just like we use tools! As you read this article you will learn how animals use tools to survive such as tools to Get food, to protect themselves and to solve problems.

First of all you will learn how animals get food! A chimpanzee gets it’s food by taking a piece of grass and sticking it in a termite mound, when it lifts the piece of grass out of the termite mound the termites are on the piece grass so the chimp can eat the termites that are on the piece of grass. Dolphins also use tools they use a sponge To protect their nose while getting food, the sponge keeps the dolphin’s nose from getting scratched from the rocks. When capuchin monkey wants to eat it eats a nut but how does he open it? He takes a rock and hits the nut with the rock until it cracks open.

Secondly you will learn how animals use tools to protect themselves. The first animal you will learn about that uses tools to protect themselves is a octopus! A octopus uses shells that he finds on the ocean floor and then puts them on him to act as a suit of armor. A Dolphin doesn't just use a sponge to get food it just the sponge is also there to protect his nose.

Last of all you will learn how animals use tool to solve problems. Eluphant uses a stick to swat away flies a sea otter use a rock to crack open the shell of a shellfish so it can have its meal a finch uses a cactus spine to get its food.

I hope you learned a lot about how animals and how they use tools I have one Question what tools do you use to survive?

Did you know that animals use Special tools in the environment


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