1933 Tsunami The Never Forgotten Wave

“Mom what's going on?” “Sweetie go run to the top of that mountain, grab your brother and try and beat the wave.” “Mom I can't leave you!” “Run! Now!” “WHAT´S GOING ON!” “TSUNAMI!”

This is a picture of a tsunami headed rights towards a small shop.

The 1933 tsunami destroyed five thousand houses, and washed away three thousand. The tsunami was caused by an enormous earthquake. People were homeless, and had to survive by himself, even children.

This is a picture of what a town looks like after a tsunami hits.

You could´ve been in your house cleaning up after the kids when the tsunami hit. Then all of a sudden your child screams, “Mommy look at that wave!” Then your house gets lifted out of the ground, and you and your child bouncing around in the wave.

"Normal life is resuming, she writes, but people go home earlier on weekends, "as the city is too dark to enjoy nightlife." "The famous big TV screens in front of Shibuya station are all out," she notes, and it has become rarer to see senior citizens or mothers with children in public, because most elevators and escalators are not working." Written by Yukari Fujita

These waves were 94 feet tall, that is almost 4 times the height of the great wall of China. The tsunami reached all the way to Napoopoo, Hawaii, because of these types of tsunamis Japan developed a code that houses must be a few feet away from the ocean.

This is a picture of the great wall of china, and it is also three times smaller then the height of the tsunami.

So many people have died from these recurring tsunamis. Some people have Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, all living near a possible area of a tsunami. How would you try and save your family from a 94 foot wave? How much would you risk for the people you love?

This is a picture of one of the tsunami victims.


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