Marine Biologist by Hunter Keller


I have chosen to research a career as a Marine Biologist. This career interests me because I want to help animals in need. Also I feel like I could do a job like this for the rest of my life.

Nature Of Work

Well for starters you get to help animals that might not make it without you and saving an animals life is very special. You can also help raise numbers of the endangered species right now. Also you get to care for animals and help them prosper, and all around just make them happy.

Working Conditions

To be a Marine Biologist you can not be afraid to get wet. Also you can not be afraid to get outside in rain or shine, plus you have to be ready to get dirty. It is also good to be sanitary when done feeding animals and making sure that they get sanitary equipment when they are eating. Another thing you need to do is be ready for any call whether it is at a local beach or a lake 30 minutes away, you need to be prepared for the circumstances. It is both inside and outside so be prepared for both and you will have to go rescue animals, so sometimes you change location but most of the time you are at the same place.


To be physically prepared as a marine biologist you will need to know what to wear. One thing you can wear is a wetsuit so when you have to get up and personal with the animals you can be ready for the task. You can also wear a bathing suit as long as it looks appropriate for children. So no bikini's for the women, and men have to wear surfing shirts. The work clothing is not covered for by the business you are required to get it yourself.

Training and Preparation

Some of the training you will need to be a marine biologist is a bachelors degree in college. You will also need to have your high school diploma so they know that you are educationally ready for the job. You will also need to make sure you take biology classes in college so that you know more about ocean life and how animals eat. Also you will need to know how to scuba dive so if placed in a situation like that you will not have as high of a risk of injury. You need at least 2 years of college for this career. Also there is on the job training that a more skilled worker could give.


The average marine biologist makes about $74,000 annually. You can also make up to around $150,000 per year, but there is still room to grow as more years in the company adds a couple dollars per hour. Location could matter if you in a more exotic place you will need more training and more diverse skills so more pay, but other than that it won't affect pay.


Some of the advances that there are in this career are you can move up into jobs that have more responsibilities and a higher pay. Plus, if you can get a higher degree in marine biology and get more pay and a job that you studied for and feel interested in. It will take some work to do this but it is time well spent.

Job Outlook

The number of marine biologist jobs is very good and is increasing. The number of jobs is growing 11% faster than the average. The future for marine biology is very bright and will keep increasing as a result of the number of endangered species keeps rising. This job will still be around for awhile well past 15-20 years.

Related Occupations

If you find that marine biology is not the job for you but you want to stay in the same field of work, you can easily go for a job as a biologist, or a zoologist which is both working with life. Biology is more of studying animals inside out rather that a zoologist which is again caring or animals instead of sea creatures. You can even get these jobs with the same education as a marine biologist.

Accurate or Inaccurate

I feel like this career is accurate for me. One, I like to be with animals, I find them amazing, especially dolphins. Two, I like to be outside.I feel it would be a cool working environment. Three, I feel like it would be a career that I feel I would love for my whole life.

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