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Early Life/Childhood - His parents names are Andrew and Elizabeth Jackson and they were immigrants from Ireland. They grew up in poverty in the Wax haws wilderness. Andrew Jackson had a brother named Hugh who died in the battle of Stone Ferry in 1779. Andrew joined a local militia at age 13 and served as a patriot courier. At age 14, Jackson was orphaned because of the deaths of his family during the Revolutionary war which led to his antipathy for the British. Jackson was later raised by his uncles and then began studying law in Salisbury, North Carolina in his late teens.

Education - Growing up Andrew Jackson had minimal education, but in his late teens he studied law for around two years, earned admission to the North Carolina bar, and eventually became an outstanding young lawyer in what would soon be Tennessee.

Career - He was a lawyer in what would soon become Tennessee.

Presidency - During his campaign Jackson wanted justice for the “common man”. He felt like the government favored the rich, and since he came from a poor background he was able to relate to these people. Jackson wanted more rights for regular people, one of the things he wanted to do is extend suffrage to ordinary people. When he won office if was referred to as the victory of the “common man”, and he rewarded his loyal supporters with government jobs.

Impact - Legacy is controversial for Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson extended suffrage for the non wealthy but he overturned the national bank. He also caused the trail of tears which killed thousands of Native Americans. With his actions during his presidency, he has made his way on the 20 dollar bill.

Fun Facts - Andrew Jackson lived with a bullet in his chest for 40 years because he was shot in a duel and the bullet could not be safely removed.

When Andrew Jackson’s wife dies he asked his niece to become first lady and hostess of the White House.

Jackson was the only president to be held as a prisoner of war.


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