Knightly News 12/04/2020 Edition

Monday is an B Day. Tuesday is a A Day.

This Wednesday a B and it is a Wellness Wednesday and students will be doing work asynchronously in all classes.

Thursday is an A Day

Friday is a B Day

November and December Calendars

7th grade English Materials Pick up

Mrs. Wahls and Mrs. Putrus have their materials in the front lobby and ready for pick up. If you have not already picked up your materials, please have someone stop by between 9-3 Monday or Tuesday to grab your materials.

Media Center Update

Mrs. Chatel has announced the theme for the 21st Annual Troybery Award Program: Read Newbery Award winners, and compare them to Troybery Award winners from the past 20 years! You can find the Troybery-Newbery Challenge reading form, links to eBooks, and a video introducing this year’s program on Mrs. Chatel’s website: www.troymiddleschoolmediacenter.weebly.com.

Many thanks for supporting our Scholastic Book Fair and for buying books for your child’s teachers!

We are on Kaiser’s calendar for student pictures February 9th and 11th, from 12(noon) – 5:00 p.m., with 2 camera photographers for sure (possibly a 3rd one) This way, assuming we are at lead partially in seat, we can have A-K on Tuesday the 9th, L-Z on Thursday the 11th, and of course virtual students either day. Both dates are added to our calendar.Our next Boulan Media Center library book pickup and return is Thursday, December 3, from 9 am-5 pm

Smith School Picture Update

We have scheduled school pictures with Kaiser.

February 9th and 11th, from 12(noon) – 5:00 p.m.

As we enter the new year, we will share more information including picture order forms, our process for pictures, and much more.

Smith Holiday Giving Tree is Back

Some families have a tradition of giving their student's teachers a special item for the holiday season, while some families never thought about it. Some families would love to but have no idea what they would buy. Some families can't afford to buy items for all 6 teachers, or more if you have multiple students at Smith!! The wonderful teachers at Smith love our students no matter what! The PTO knows that they secretly love presents too! Not only for themselves, but for their classrooms too!

As we all know most teachers spend their own money on items for their classroom that our children benefit from every day. If your family would like to contribute in a small or larger way, and are not sure what to give, our PTO has set up a few easy ways for you to help contribute to providing every teacher with an Amazon gift card for items for their classroom. Due to the unusual circumstances this year, we felt the safest and easiest way to participate was with Amazon gift cards.

If you'd like to participate all you have to do is either:

1. Mail in your donation to: Smith PTO c/o Smith Middle School 5835 Donaldson Rd. Troy, Mi 48085

2. Drop off your donation to the drop off table inside the vestibule at school ***Please Put “For PTO” and your name on envelope

3. Simple and Easy – Send donation through Venmo to smithknights-pto ***please add your name in comment section when sending Venmo

We all appreciate your support!!!

Help out our Smith Knights and our PTO by signing up for Kroger Rewards and Amazon Smile!!!!

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