Major Problem roject BY Jevon Devose

The set up


How To make a stop Motion

In this passage i will tell you how to make a stop motion.

First, you will need a ipad or phone. Second. You need to set up your camera on a stand. Next, make a good back round and get good lights. Then, make the props. Now, you need to set up the props. Last, you have to take pictures and everytime you take a picture you need to move the crops.

Heres a picture of another set up

Compareing and contrasting

In this passage i will compare and contrast stop motion and animation. Stop motion and animation have a lot in common and alot of diffences

First i will compare stop motion and animation. In anmation and stop motion they both use frames. In stop motion and animation you can use a ipad in both animation and stop motion. In stop motion and animation you can use imovie to edit both.Now let move on to contrasting.

Stop motion and animation

In stop motion you take pictures but in animation you draw. In stop motion you use crops to make your videos look cool. For stop motion you use the stop motion app but in animation you use stick noddle or animation desk.

Stop motion

In conclusion, stop motion and animation have a lot in common and not.

In this passage i will be describing a paint brush. A paint has a lot of different parts.

So on a paint brush there is a lots of parts that some people dont know about.

On a brush there is there is a handle on the bottom. There is a ferrule and a heel. There is also a belly and bristles. Bristles are the strings that you paint with. Last there is a toe.

In conclusion, there is a lot of parts of a brush.

Quiz time

1. What is the difference between animation and stop motion?

2. What is the bottom of a brush called ?

3. In stop motion do you draw or take pictures?



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