Elizabeth Bishop By Tesa Wilcox

Elizabeth Bishop was born february 8, 1911. She was an american poet and short-story writer. Elizabeth was an only child who was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her father died when she was only 8 months old and her mother was ill and was institutionalized in 1916. Which over time she would write about her mom's struggles like in her poem, “In the Village”. Elizabeth received her bachelor’s degree from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, in 1934. Going to this school had a huge impact on Bishop. There she had met Marianne Moore, another poet and lifelong friend. After graduating, she traveled quite often to places like France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, and North Africa. Which her adventures that took place in these countries were written in many of her poems. From 1949 to 1950, she was a consultant in poetry for the Library of Congress. Elizabeth was also receiving a traveling fellowship from Bryn Mawr College and in 1951, she set off to South America. Expecting to stay two weeks she ended up staying for 15 years. After being in Brazil for some time Bishop became greatly incluenced by a mexican poet name Octavio Paz. Even though she was independelty wealthy, Bishop’s writing was maingly about working-class settings. For an example she would write about busy factories, farms, and fishing villages. Some would say she cared a lot about the small things of the world. Later in her life Bishop lectured in higher education for a number of years. She started lecturing in the 1970’s when her inheritance began to run out. She worked at the University of Washington and then at Harvard. Unfortunately, Elizabeth died October 6, 1979 in Boston, Massachusetts. She was 68 years old and lived her life to the fullest. After her death, the Elizabeth Bishop House, which was an artists’ retreat in Great Village, Nova Scotia, was dedicated to her memory and what she had accomplished during her life time as a poet.

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