The Welsh Revival the Revival that changed continents ---SCROLL DOWN-- THERE'S MORE!

The 1904–1905 Welsh Revival was the largest Christian revival in Wales during the 20th century. It dramatically chnanged the nation of Wales and inspired others to pray for revival in distant places as America, Asia, and Africa

Evan Roberts, while only in his teens and twenties decided to do his part. Who knew it would change his nation?
People all over Wales flocked to churches and any where Evan Roberts and his Revivalists were.
Florrie Evans (not related to Evan) was the one that broke free the Sprit of God in her youth group when she tremulously got up and said "I love Jesus!"
Evenas had to listen to God. He was transformed by the Love God shared. He had to obey. "Bend me" because his phrase for doing what God directed him to do.
Moriah Chapel was the location for the start of the Welsh Revival. Roberts would travel to most towns in Wales.
He has a group of very talented and anointed female singers. This is Anne Davies, one of the most well known
A newspaper clipping of Roberts with the ladies who traveled with him.

Evan Roberts allowed these women to sing and to preach. It was unheard of for that to happen in the era where women were only homemakers and had no legal right to vote. However, just this former coal miner turned evangleist preaching in churches was also breaking new ground of in a country that had many, many rules making it very difficult to become a formally ordained Reverend.

It was huge for this youth to do what he did. Listen to God, study and let God flow through him.

Stories that came out of the Welsh Revival include the miners donkeys used to be cussed at and abused had to be retrained to do their jobs when their owners had their lives changed and transformed by the Lord

The miners of Wales were a hardy drinking, cussing, womanizing, gambling bunch. When the Revival happened, the salvations en masse meant this changed. As this photo shows, they were now the most godly bunch around. From being the most dangerous area to live and work to being God fearing, respectful, kind people, it astonished the world. From being overrun with work, law enforcement didn't need officers and judges could skip days because there was no cases being tried.

From a handful of people praying, the entire nation of Wales was transformed.
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