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Highlights from the weeks of March 15 and 23, 2021


The continent map of Europe was presented where we focused on Ireland because that's where St. Patrick's Day originated. The children learned many facts about the island, it's people and why St. Patrick's Day is celebrated.

flag of Europe
flag of Ireland
St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans

Reptiles were introduced. The children learned that reptiles have dry, scaly skin, lay eggs, are cold bloodied and of course have a backbone. Some crawl and others wriggle. The reptile we focused on in class was the turtle. Parts of a turtle are head, neck, carapace, plastron, tail, legs and claws. The life cycle of a turtle was also discussed.

parts of a turtle puzzle with control and labels
parts of a turtle booklet
life cycle of a turtle
exploring reptiles

We had to, of course, talk a bit about the largest reptiles that ever lived - Dinosaurs! Always a favorite!!

dinosaur replica exploration
dinosaur skeletal exploration
exploring how fossils were made
Practical Life

Flour sifting was introduced.

Random Pix
Birthday Celebrations

Madison Kim has turned 6; Abigail Kelly and Dylan Humenny have turned 5. Each celebrated with the class and took their 'Walks Around the Sun" respectively! Happy 6th Year of Life, Madison. Happy 5th Year of Life Abigail AND Dylan!

Enjoy Spring Break!!