7 NIGHT ITALY, FRANCE & SPAIN CRUISE by Carla, raúl and xavier

Next summer holidays we’re going to take a cruise: the 7 Night Italy, France & Spain cruise

We’re going to leave Barcelona on Monday, July 8th but Carla has paid for the cruise.

On the first day we’re going to take the cruise in Barcelona and enjoy ourselves in the ship.

On day 2 we’re going to visit the French Riviera and eat the typical food (macarons!).

Carla and Xavier are going to eat macarons and Raúl is going to eat creps or other foods.

On day 3 we’re going to stop at Portofino (Italy) to go sightseeing and prepare our stomach for the Dolce Vita pizzas.

On day 4 we’re finally going to go to Florence to eat the famous pizzas (Raúl is thrilled to eat pizzas!).

On day 5 we’re going to discover Rome and take tumblr photos (Carla love’s photos tumblr but Raúl don’t like)

On day 6 we’re going to Naples and go to the beach and a seagull a stell our food and other day eat pizzas (Xavier it was the pizza)

On day 7 we relaxed in the cruise, Carla go the activities and Xavier relaxed in room, Raul goes the bar.

On day 8 return in Barcelona.


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