Florida Museum of Natural History Haneen Jaber

Nature on Display

The Butterfly Rainforest no doubt does the job of immersing you in nature and all of the beauty and wonder it has to offer. The enormous walls completely filled with preserved butterflies of all different shapes and colors and species, really makes you realize how broad nature is. And then going outdoors and seeing them in real life and have them land on you or you having to walk around them as they lan on the walkway puts all the wonder and beauty into perspective. The way they presented the butterflies, in the cases with their sister species allowed for you too see the similarities and differences at a detailed level a painting or online textbook would not have been able to.

Nature and Ethics

My favorite part of the museum was the aquatic section. I love the beach and all the aquatic animals, so getting to walk through the museum and have the animals enlarged to get a sense for how tiny fish see them was amazing. We got to see the jaws of extinct sharks and get a sense for how large they were. I thought this was a great experience for people to see the beauty and mystery of the ocean. Its very important we really start appreciating the ocean, because we have been neglecting it for centuries. There is so much yet to be discovered, but we wont ever get the chance to if the ocean keeps being destroyed.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The museum presents us with a numerous amount of fossils and discoveries of ancient materials and animals, like the mammoths and the mastodons. We get to walk through huts that the Indians lived in and get a sense of how they lived their everyday lives in a completely different environment from our own. Connecting to different time periods and getting to see how animals and people lived in different environments can spark our interest into new discover and periods of history. It also allows us to appreciate our life today and everything we have, as well as having us think about what it is we cherish and want out of life today.

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