How America Started. By Kate Trbovich

I picked 5 main parts of the founding of our country, America. These 5 basically in my opinion contributed the most to how the U.S.A was started.


In 1607, Jamestown was established as the first successful colony. Roanoke was supposed to be the first, but one misty morning they all mysteriously disappeared. Jamestown was named after King James I.


In 1754, the French and Indian War was in action. Colonies were united, Leaders were found, Colonists call themselves Americans, England was broke, and Colonists had there first main anger at there king. The French & Indian War resulted in a British win.

The French &Indian War.


In 1775 the Revolutionary War started. It started with the battle at Concord which resulted with an American win. This is important because it started the Rev. war, and we won the war that made us a country.


In 1783 the Treaty Of Paris set the colonies free from England once, and for all. It was a remarkable moment for the Americans, England, France and others also got stuff out of the Treaty.

Some Treaty of Paris members with the American Flag


In 1803 the Louisiana Purchase was bought. It was a risky move by Thomas Jefferson, because they had never seen the land. When they sent Merriweather Lewis, and William Clark to look at it it, doubled our land!

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