Objective #6 Exhibit values

Common Exhibit for Learning Objective #5: Using Personal Values to Set Short- and Long-Term Goals

Objective: Students will use increased awareness of their personal values to craft effective short- and long-term goals.

TOP 10

* Realism

* - Family

* - Purpose

* - Spirituality

* - Excitement

* - Growth

* - Friendship

* - Inner Peace

* - Adventure

* - Flexibility


- Realism

- Spirituality

- Family

- Adventure

- Purpose



This is my number one value simply because when you think and act realistically in everything you do, the rest of the five - ten - x number of values fall into place.

Moving Forward...

Once again, I like to think that I am "real" in any and everything that I do. Incorporating these values into my everyday life is a long-term goal for me. Looking at my top five you can see that if I am realistic in all things, I would know to keep God first, as He is my Alpha and Omega. With my faith, all things will be working for my good; this meaning the the adventurous lifestyle I crave to live will give purpose to all aspects of my life. So for the short term, my goal is to think of my top five core values in everything I do and use them as a sort of motivation to push me through the trying world of college. Hopefully, after a successful college career, everything else will fall into place!

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