Ensure a safe workplace Part 4 of 4

Learning Outcome

In this third part you will learn about emergency procedures and what to do in such events.

  • Section 1: What type of emergency can occur?
  • Section 2: What are emergency procedures?

Section 1 - Emergency Examples

What earthquake can do!

Emergency Examples

  • Natural Disaster
  • Fire
  • Gas Leak
  • Biological Contamination
  • Chemical Spills
  • Bomb Threats
  • Explosion
  • Armed Intruder
  • Civil Disorder
  • ...and more

It is therefore important to be prepared when such emergencies occur.

Section 2: Emergency Procedures

Evacuate in a safe, orderly and timely manner

What your employer should know

  • Emergency procedures are a legal requirement
  • Employers must complied with the legislative requirements in their jurisdiction
  • Emergency procedures must facilitate a safe, orderly and timely evacuation, when necessary
  • Employers must have an emergency control unit with responsibilities relating to emergency procedures

Responsibilities of an Emergency Control Unit

  • Conduct orderly evacuations on a regular basis
  • Assist emergency services at all times
  • Operate fire fighting equipment, if trained and if it is safe to do so
  • Contain any emergency, if safe to do so, until emergency services arrive at the scene
Fire Fighter
Question: Have you been through an evacuation drill at your workplace?


In this last part you have learned about emergency procedures.

You have concluded the last of this introduction. By now, you should have a general understanding to safety at work and what is required to ensure a safe workplace.

I hope you enjoyed this short introduction and I look forward to your comments and feedback. Thanks for taking part.

Hisham Attia


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