Don't Walk Slow in The Hallways It's wicked annoying

The definition of a hallway is a passageway (as in a hotel, school or office building) into which compartments or rooms open. Many people go through hallways every day and some goes and walks slowly and ruins every bodies day.

Think about it like a road, if somebody on that road is going 15 MPH under the speed limit everybody is going to be freaking out and honking/ getting road rage. Since we are not in cars and have to see you face to face we need to awkwardly pass (or at least try to) by your often pointless conversation.

Next time think of your impact on everybody else before you walk slowly in the hallways.


Created with images by goodrob13 - "Chiller Theatre Expo, Parsippany, NJ 4/26/14" • eblaser - "26/365" • Ka!zen - "Road"

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