Clothing tips for men with 4 body types

For a long time now body types have been associated only with women. But we have to understand that men too have certain kinds of physique which gives them a few particular aspects. So for all the men who have been living the idea that everything and anything can suit you, read on. Choosing men's clothing online according to the silhouette of body type can be more pivotal than you realise because they enhance certain parts, which is directly proportional to our appearance. You may not comprehend, but maybe you have been highlighting the wrong aspect of your body this whole time when seating hard in the gym. So below mentioned are the different kinds of body that men have and the best gym clothes for them respectively.

The Average Build

Men with this body type have broader shoulders with leaner midsection but well-defined legs. They are the most common kind of physique in the United States. If you fall under this category, then you have muscles but you are not very athletic. It is actually comparatively easy to pick clothes for the men harbouring this body for there is a visible balance between your upper body and lower body. Dapper t-shirts and slim fit track pants look good on you. While prints make you stand out, both horizontal and vertical stripes can make you look ostentatious. The key to dressing yourself is to pick clothes that emphasise your outline.

The Triangle

Thinner shoulders with pronounced and prominent midsection are what define the body of a man with triangular shape. It is very important for men with this kind of body to dress proportionately. Excess of emphasis on the middle portion of the body may make you look overweight. Creating perfect illusion is the key to looking good. Add structure on the upper portion of the body with polo tees. The sweatpants should have flared hem for a visual balance. Be very careful of the colours you opt for. Dark shades should be your best buddy. Black, navy, grey should be able to do the trick. Vertical stripes look really good on you for they give you a slimming appearance.

The Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangles are just the opposite of the triangles. These men have broader shoulders and leaner lower body. You may have muscle mass with well-defined arms and legs. Crew neck t-shirts can be the best choice for you for it creates an image of narrower chest. You can opt for pants with cuffed hem. You should pick dark colours for your fitness clothes because they will give you a structured and proportionate look.

The Rectangle

If you fall in the category were you having a straight body, you will be recognised as a rectangle body type. Your shoulders and your waist are of the same size. Giving definition to your outline is very significant. Layering your clothes can work the trick for you. Look for round neck tees that have a proper fit and track pants that come with cuffed hem. You can throw over a jacket or a hoodie to look more defined. You can go for a variety of colours in lighter shades for your upper wear and a dark palette for the bottoms. To really look outstanding, you opt for thicker materials.

So whatever be your body type, you can still get up, hit the gym and make a difference. You can buy the best gym clothing from renowned retailers at a price that will not burn a whole in your pocket. They will be a great addition to your fitness clothing collection.

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