Uganda, Africa BY: Mandy stringer

Uganda is a very interesting country with a very fascinating historical story on how it came it be.

Uganda's type of government is Republic

A republic government is where most of the power or the supreme power is held by the people in the area or elected representatives instead of all the decisions being made and performed by one leader.

Before Uganda was overthrown, its government was Monarchy.

Monarchy government is when all the power for everyone is held by one person. This means that they had one supreme ruler who controlled all the decisions and laws that went on in Uganda.

In 1967, Obote abolished Monarchy and the government became republic thanks to the help of judgement by Admin.

Uganda's government was Monarchy with the elected government leader Milton Obote. Obote was then allies with General Idi Admin, and Admin helped to expand the size and power of the Ugandan army. Obote sent Admin to dethrone King Mutesa II, who ruled Buganda.

Milton Obote
Idi Admin
King Mutesa II

In 1967, Obote abolished Monarchy and the government became republic thanks to the help of judgement by Admin.

After two failed assassination attempts from Admin to King Mutesa II, Obote began to question Admin's loyalty, and while he was absent from his position, filed Admin's arrest.

During Obote's absence in 1971 Admin got the chance to take over the government, so he formed a military coup and that's just what he did. After he was the new leader, he exiled Obote from Uganda.

Currently in Uganda, the population is a whopping 41,319,576.

Here are two maps giving you a better idea of where Uganda is located:

This shows where Uganda is on the african continent, I can conclude from this map that Uganda is towards the eastern part of Africa.
This map shows all the physical features of Uganda, from this photo I can conclude that the northwest seems to have more hills, and the south eastern part has more water.
From this map I can conclude that more of the population is near water, but much of the population is also in the hills. Kampala has the most of the population, because Kampala is the capital.
UGanda is a fascinating country with a fascinating culture!

Uganda's name was never different, it has always been Uganda!


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