Digital Literacy

Diversity and inclusion in the context of digital literacy

Diversity and inclusion plays an important part in digital literacy. As in any other domain, we need to ensure people's differences and abilities are taken into account. As tutors we need to develop techniques that are used to support differentiation between learner's abilities.

>To ensure that all people have a diverse and inclusive experience with digital literacy, we need to take finical barriers into account. Assumptions can not be made that all people have access to digital tools and technologies.

The effect that tutor values and attitudes may have in relation to diversity and inclusion

It is a tutors responsibility to up skill and develop their own digital literacy skills. As educators, it is our role to encourage and support learners to experience, develop and gain knowledge surrounding digital literacy. Assumptions cannot be made in that all people are at the same level, skills and experience with the digital world. Encouragement is an important part of a tutors role, we need to make sure we are allowing learners to have the same opportunities. Tutors need to make sure they are not projecting negative beliefs and values onto their learners and maintaining a neutral opinion.

Five strategies to ensure diversity and inclusion in digital literacy learning programmes

Differentiation of resources and tasks will support diversity and inclusion, and ensuring the tasks set are appropriate and diverse, to allow the learners to connect with the material.

Group Work within the learning environment will support people. Group learners with people who have different abilities and experiences will allow for them to learn new knowledge and skills from each other.

It is important to provide all leaners with the appropriate tools and technologies to participate in the digital activities.This will provide them all with the same opportunity to develop their skills and no one is advantaged or disadvantaged.

Assumptions cannot be made. it is important to know the learners skills and knowledge beforehand and any additional support needs to be provided.

Tutor being up to date on their skills, CPD plays an important part in the tutors responsibility.


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