Alundis Tyja Pledge LEADER. innovator. rebel. SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN. SPORT MARKETER. I LOVE suits and ties.

"Tried and Failed, Continued and Prevailed." - A. Pledge
Lucas Oil Stadium

Who am I...

A first generation college graduate from a small town in Mississippi. I wake up daily accessing my path from yesterday and preparing for the day ahead to ensure that I am making a difference each day of my life. My passion is motivating young adults to set goals, work hard to achieve their goals, and be the difference maker when there is a chance to lead. The field of sports allows me to do that by creating an unremarkable game day experience for fans despite their economic and demographic backgrounds. That is why I love working in college sports. I value ideas and creativity as no idea is too far fetched to be polished into something great. So I market for the good of the people creating the ultimate game day experience.

Can you hear me now?

"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you. " -B.B. King
"Life is a sport. Make it count." - Nike

That’s right we are all athletes, not metaphorically- but literally we train to achieve success on and off the field or court. That is as sport marketers!

Despite the hurdles, fumbles, or foul balls I kept going through life lasting until the final second. I believe in setting a goal and doing everything necessary to achieve the stated goal.

Today, I exercise that determination by pursuing my masters of sport management at Texas A&M University. I don’t play sports anymore, but I do have the opportunity to make an impact on the game. It is as complicated as booking an anthem singer, coordinating on-field promotions, filling the stadiums, selling sponsorships, and controlling everything beyond the in-game play.

I’m rightfully skilled in planning and development, sports marketing, operations, management, organization, and communication.

So, here’s the second serve. If you’re interested in sipping gatorade and talking sports (or to hear how I am the MVP), please send an email my way.

Thanks for visiting!

NCAA Hall of Champions, Indianapolis
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