Auyuittuq National Park Grace MiLler

1st Day: Today is the day I am going to Auyuittuq National Park! Since its summer we are taking a boat to get there. When we arrived we set out first activity to dog sledding! I thought the dog sled tour would be difficult and rough but I got the hang of it really quickly.

2nd Day: When my family woke up my mom made a yummy breakfast and we got prepared for our new day full of fun. The next activity we decided to do was hiking. While we were hiking we saw lots of people doing Mountain Stream Crossing but we didn't think that was going to be a good plan.

3rd Day: For our last day here we decided to do Backround Camping. We left out pervious space we were in at around 6:00 am so we could spend lots of time setting up camp. We had made sure to bring a portable stove and not make a fire. Also we keep aware that we didn't make our camp extremely close to wildlife or somewhere like a meadow. While we set up our area we could see other campers and emergency stations in the distance.

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