Chapter 29

The Central Nervous system consists of the brain and spinal chord. It controls all body movements.

The Peripheral Nervous system is all the nerves not in the brain or spinal chord.

The somatic Nervous system control voluntary skeletal movement. It is part of the PNS.

Autonomic Nervous system control involuntary functions..

Sympathetic is part of the ANS. Can activate fight or flight when in danger.

Sensory neurons make up the Nervous system. Take outside stimuli and converts it into electrical energy.

Internuerons transport signals between neurons

Motor Neurons a nerve cell in the spinal chord.

Neuromuscular junction is how motor neurons communicate with the muscles.

Acetylcholine is a organic neurotransmitter

Norepinephrine and epinephrine are drugs. Norepinephrine treats high blood pressure. Epinephrine which is the main ingredient in epipens treats allergic reactions.

Synapse is a junction between nerve cells.

White matter connects gray matter

The Brian and spinal chord are made up of gray matter

Cerebral cortex is folded gray matter and controls consciencness.

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