Good Life Tour of The Harn Museum of Art By: Zach Strayer

Portrait of Frida Khalo

1. Seeing this photograph of Frida Khalo in person compared to online allows you to really focus on the small nuances, such as her unibrow. By seeing this in person the unibrow becomes more pronounced and intensifies the self appreciation Frida Kahlo has for herself. In addition the medium of art, being a photograph, is striking to me because photos will show the true nature of someone rather than the perception an artist gives them by painting their portrait. It being a photo communicated to me that the artist wanted people to experience Frida Khalo as she is, not a as some painter sees her. This made me feel a sense of self respect in the sense that my body may not be perfect but its perfect to me.

David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing

2. The one section of the Harn museum of art that separated itself from the other magnificent exhibits is the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing. This section of the museum stood out to me because of the immense size of some of the pieces of art. In addition, another striking element of this exhibit is the natural appearance the natural light gives the objects in the exhibit. It gives the person the sense that they are seeing these pieces of art as they are supposed to be seen and not illuminated by artificial light.

Portraits of Frida Khalo

3. Even though these are three separate portraits of Frida Khalo the core value's behind all of them reminisce with me at an elementary level. Frida Khalo's representation in a beautiful, artistic, and aesthetic light, while at the same time having unattractive elements of her body instills the notion that beauty is not skin deep. For a good portion of my life I have struggled with trying to make my body as perfect and aesthetically pleasing as possible. As I matured, I gained enormous respect for my body and began focusing on developing more of whats on the inside instead of the outside. This core value of self respect and appreciation that emanates from these portraits of Frida Khalo solidifies a core value of mine, which is that you must respect yourself first before others can respect you.

Painting by Cundo Bermudez, Cuarteto Habernero

4. This painting by Cundo Bermudez called the Quartet in Havana conveys the good life theme of celebrating. The four muscisians illustrated in the photo represent the celebration of the god life because they are performing music as an outlet to represent themselves. I believe the artist chose to paint these musicians to depict a theme of happiness and warmth that comes from the soft but vivid colors of the painting but also from illustration of the musicians. The musicians depicted add to my understanding of the Good Life element of celebrating by showing that an illustration of music, not a song, can also cause unity between people by the feeling of warmth, friendliness, and unity the painting bestows on viewers.


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