Coyote Chronicles #3 November/December 2017

Happy Holidays

As we end the 2017 calendar year, on behalf of Central Campus Staff we would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season. The Holiday is a time to spend with family, rest and refresh ourselves so that we can be the best for our students as possible. We know that many people have plans locally or to travel to see family. We wish you safe travels and may the New Year bring you much joy and happiness.

Diana Lindstrom (Principal) and Chris Horton (VP)

Upcoming Events
  • WINTER BREAK – Mon, 18th to Jan. 1st NO SCHOOL
  • Return to School – Tues, January 2nd
  • Student Assembly – Wed, 10th: ArtStarts presentation (1:30 – 2:45pm)
  • PAC meeting – Mon, 8th, 7:00pm @ Central
  • X3 COURSES end (Sem 9 & Exp 8) – Tues, 30th
  • X4 COURSES start – Wed, 31st
  • January/February Coyote Chronicles Newsletter issued – early February


To purchase a Yearbook for Central Campus 2017-18 so that you child will have documentation of the memories made here forever, please click the button below.

Library Update

Central Campus was fortunate enough to receive $1500 from PAC to purchase new books for the library. So far we have received about one-third of the books. Thank-you to Mrs. Mayoh and Ms. Knee for setting up a display of all our new titles. The books have been very popular with students and several titles have been checked out and read already.

The new titles include the latest in the “Ranger’s Apprentice” series. John Flanagan has written over a dozen books in this most popular series. It is an exciting adventure series set during the Middle Ages. We also purchased the latest book by John Green, “Turtles All The Way Down”. He is the author of the best-selling book “The Fault In Our Stars”. We added two non-fiction titles about the battle at Vimy Ridge to our collection as well.

Literacy Corner

This year the English teachers at Central Campus have chosen to focus on including silent reading as part of their programs. At the beginning of the year, I spent time with each class presenting booktalks. This helped students to choose a book that they found interesting and engaging. I am also available when students visit the library to help them find that “perfect” book. Research has shown that most avid readers can point to one particular book that first peaked their interest in reading. This is called a “home-run” book. In my own case I read every Nancy Drew mystery I could get my hands on as a young reader!

Visiting a library can often be an overwhelming experience for a reader and helping them to narrow their choices can be helpful. I talk to the students about other books they enjoyed or a particular genre they might find appealing (mystery, adventure, romance, etc.). It is my hope that students will find the experience of reading pleasurable and will become regular library patrons.

Ab.Ed Update

Louis Riel Celebration November 16:

Our school chose to recognize Louis Riel day by providing a school wide meal at lunch. Beef Stew was prepared by a group of students in the welcome room the day prior; while, the day of saw another group of students prepare and bake Bannock. At lunch time a large percentage of the student staff population enjoyed their meal while listening to Metis jigging music over the PA system. A BIG THANK-YOU to all students and staff who helped out it was truly a group effort on many levels!

Bannock in the making.
Helping peel carrots for the stew.
Students Helping make Stew and Bannock.

Student Paths: Goal Setting

Debbie Klemmer (Aboriginal Support Staff) and myself Julie Hamilton (Coach/Mentor Teacher for Aboriginal Education) are pleased to announce that about 95% of the individual meetings regarding short-term and long-term goal setting have taken place. The majority of parents should have received an e-mail documenting our conversations. If you have not received a copy via email please let us know. Our intention is to revisit these goals 3 times though out the year to update/change them.

An example of a student PATH. Goal's are set by the student.

Profile and Instructional Plan Meetings:

Mid November saw the completion of Profile/Instructional plan meetings with all teachers who have year-long classes. This practice involves looking at the class as a whole; while, determining individual student areas of concern and coming up with strategies to address it. This puts the focus on teaching students verses teaching content. These meetings are scheduled to take place 3 times/year.

Midterm Incompletes (I’s ) :

As a member of School Based Team, I compiled a list of students who had I’s in one or more academic subject. Myself or Debbie were able to have a discussion with a number of students to make a plan to eliminate the “I” on their report card.

Aboriginal Council Evening Meeting:

November 14th saw the Aboriginal Council evening meeting. The central campus had Dawneen Ryan (Parent Representative), Diana Lindstrom (Principal), Chris Horton (Vice Principal), Julie Hamilton (Coach Mentor Teacher) and Debbie Klemmer (Aboriginal support staff) in attendance. This team was given the opportunity to look at data such as last year’s grades, attendance, parent-school contact, and student satisfaction surveys through the lens on the Aboriginal Councils enhancement agreement. It was a powerful time of refection and action planning.

Relationship Based Learning (RBL):

During a September staff meeting the staff was surveyed and it was determined that “Rejecting Deficit thinking” was going to be the first RBL focus topic. This is working in the mind frame that we all have agency and can be the agents of change instead of blaming systems or situations. The plan is to continue to focus on this topic in December.

SD59 Relationship-Based Learning Framework

Athletics Update

Basketball season is now underway at Central, with lots of games ahead. We have more than 25 boys playing on two teams, and a girls team of 15 players. The boys just returned from Prince George, where the older team missed out on making the finals by only 4 points. The younger team won a game, and everyone had a fun weekend.

This weekend all three teams will be in Fort St. John, at Dr. Kearney’s tournament (hosted at NPSS). Both the older boys and the girls teams have the goal of winning the tournament.

The home tournament is January 19th/20th, co-hosted by Ron Pettigrew Christian School, with games at both South Peace and RPCS. There will be teams from Fort St. John, Grande Prairie, Tumbler Ridge, and Prince George.

Trimester 1 Report Cards

Our first Report Card for 2017-18 is going home Thursday, Dec 14th. Students will be called down to pick-up their Report Cards in the afternoon and will be instructed to take them home. Please check with your son/daughter.

Attendance Call Out System

Our Call Out system is not working at this time, please call the school office if you want to check your child’s attendance.

School Community Values

As part of our path forward as a school, we have been exploring what our Core Values are. This has been done as a staff, with students and with the input of parents over the course of the last 3 months.

With staff at the beginning of the year, we spent time together choosing our top 5 values using a Values Cards activity. For students, Mr. Horton and Ms. Lindstrom met with students during an assembly. In the assembly, students were broken into groups of about 10 students and asked to arrange 12 values from #1 to #12. When they finished this, we also asked them to tell us what their top 5 values would look like peer to peer, student to teacher and teacher to student. Lastly, for parents, we have provided the opportunity for input through our survey on Newsletters and Parent-Teacher Interview events. The results of parent and student input can be found below.

Parent Data
Student Data

Where to Now?

Now that we have collected all the data, we will be moving forward with solidifying our Community's Top 4-5 Core Values and exploring more what that looks like, sounds like and feels like for all our stakeholders. We look forward to the ongoing conversation and creating a shared vision for the future of our students.

Coyote Sightings

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