Gene doping by: Tyson and trevor

How much does gene doping cost Gene doping costs?

Gene Doping Costs Around $150 but now in time you can go beyond human capabilities and do things that people thought was humanly impossible and the cost of somthing like that would cost about $1 million

What is Gene Doping?

the transfer of genes or genetically modified cells into a person as a strategy for laws improving athletic performance.

How does gene doping work (affects)?

Gene doping is an unexpected development of gene therapy in which, doctors add or change genes to prevent or treat illness... the body cells change, genes are modified in a body cell, like a lung or muscle cell. The changes aren't passed on to children. Today's gene therapy changes body cells.

Does it hurt (safe)?

The gene was injected into their muscles, which made a different EPO (Erythropoietin)- which is a hormone produced by the kidney which forms red blood cells and protein than the one naturally made in the liver. ... Even riskier, gene doping may permanently affect athletes. Doctors can't pry a gene out of a cell, and surgeons can't necessarily cut out transformed cells.

Positives:the positives to gene doping would be like if you want to climb a mountain and stay up there for longer or go deep sea divin you would want to stay there for as long as you can(if you are comfortable with that) or do something life threatening you would want to be able to do that (if you are comfortable with that) or fire fighters you want them to come out alive so those would be the times where it's ok to do gene doping

Negatives:he negatives to gene doping would mainly be in sports or world records or here are some examples. The reasons this would be negatives is you can go beyond human possibilities so that's like having the ram of a bull in football or running the speed of a greyhound or jumping like a kangaroo which would be unfair for the people that did not do gene doping

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