From the Headmaster:

As you can see, the new building looks rather impressive. With everything gathering momentum, we are excited about confirming plans for furniture, resources and layout of classrooms. Over the coming weeks I will give you regular updates of the layout and design of the interior. These are very exciting times for us all at Park Hill as these plans will provide the children with exceptional facilities to further bring their learning alive, this allied to maintaining our class size limit well below all other schools in the area, we have a great deal to look forward to.

Drama Festival

As you will know, we are members of the Independent Schools Association and as such have access to both regional and national competitions. With over 450 members around the country we are enjoying the opportunities to compete in various events. The first event was the ISA Drama Festival held at Tring School for Performing Arts on Friday. Seven children performed in front of a sizeable audience in their impressive auditorium as part of the competition. As you will no doubt hear, they did extremely well. We are aware that all of our children enjoy a confidence the belies their age, this was more than exemplified on Friday when those of us in attendance had our collective breath taken away. We await the outcome of the competition with baited breath.

The children were most impressive. As well as praising them for their performance, I would also like to thank Miss Georgina, Mrs Baillie and Miss Menon for their hard work and time to give the children such a wonderful opportunity.

The children will be repeating their performance during our assembly on Thursday for those of you who would like to see a live repeat!

Our next ISA event to prepare for is the National Triathlon Competition in May. Training starts in earnest on Monday with a pool session!

I recently wrote an article for the ISA Journal which I think you might find to be of interest. The article can be accessed via the following link, page 33 -

A busy two weeks left of term. Triathlon training, inter house hockey, Parent/Teacehr Meetings, Robot Wars against The Study School on Wednesday, a Science Day on Thursday and then inter house cross country followed by a football match against Westbury House on Friday; an active week ahead!

Yours sincerely,


In the style of David Hockney

Adventure School

During Adventure School this week, the children were introduced into the challenging world of knots.

If, like me, you can never quite remember the correct knot for the specific occasion then pay close attention! The reef or box knot was first to be attempted. The basic use is to extend the length of a rope by attaching a second rope securely.

The second knot was a taut line hitch. If I were to suggest one knot that everyone should be able to tie then this is the one. This knot can be used as a line between two trees for a shelter or to secure objects. As you can see from the images below, the children did really rather well. The next step is to use the taut line hitch to make their own shelter using tarpaulin.


The children in Years 3 and 4 have been exploring the fascinating world of volcanoes and had a rather enjoyable time merging Science with Geography and making their own eruptions.

Information from the Year Groups

Year 3 and Year 4

A busy and exciting week in Years 3 & 4. In Adventure School we learnt how to tie four vital knots to help us in a variety of situations. From a reef knot to a slip knot. The ending challenge in our teams, was to use our knowledge to tie all our ropes together to make a strong line from the parallel bars. Three out of four teams managed it!

In Mathematics we have been looking into division with remainders. In Design Technology we erupted our volcanoes using a variety of methods to show the different types of eruptions from shield, dome and cinder cone volcanoes.

Our Victorian homework last week was hot seating as a Victorian school child which the children thoroughly enjoyed as you can see from the video.

In English we enjoyed writing poetry using rhyming couplets and Mother's Day as our inspiration.

Year 2 -

This week, Year 2 have enjoyed creating something lovely for someone special in their life - much effort and planning was used by the children and the results were lovely. In Mathematics, the children have begun tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. They were excellent at this and have designed clocks to help them write this in digital time. Year 2 have also started to describe time in different ways (to, past, in digital). In English this week, poems have been created using rhyming pairs, and then repeating sentences, to create a pattern.

The human body is coming together in Science, as the children have now discovered how the arms works and that muscles only pull, not push. They designed a model of this in their books, in preparation for a 3D model next week.

In geography, the children are beginning to learn how a city is formed and the physical features cities have.

Year 1 -

We have been making fantastic progress with our understanding of fractions. Not only fractions of a shape but also fractions of an amount. This is a tricky concept but the children have enjoyed learning about fractions so much that often they have had to be persuaded to stop!

We have been developing our knowledge of poetry, looking at techniques like rhyming couplets and using ambitious words to create our own unique poems. The results have been truly wonderful.

At the end of the week, inspired by the staff’s themed costumes Year 1 have been carving their own Charlie and the chocolate factory dioramas. We had lots of fun and were very creative with our recycled materials.

Reception -

Reception has had a very fun filled week! Pizza making was by far the best part of the week. The children looked like wonderful chefs in their aprons and hats. They learnt not only how to make a perfect pizza, but that basil is centred on the pizza to represent the Italian flag.

Card making and biscuit baking were added to the creative fun too. In addition, with lots of daffodils around to see, the children produced some beautiful pantings in Art.

Following on from our Topic on Change, Mrs Lewis from Story Storks came and read ‘Cinderella’ using a range of props to engage the children which they loved. We have looked at our ‘Change’ display board in further depth, and the children have completed a piece of writing on ‘how they have changed. The children are making huge progress with their Phonics and applying their sounds into their independent writing. Keep the great work up Reception, we are both very proud of you all.

Second Steps -

Second Steps have had a fun and busy week. It was lovely to be able to make more of the outdoor area for our learning due to the improved weather. The children all love Georgie’s gym where we use the playground to practise our letters and numbers in an active way. This week was no exception as we practised throwing and counting bean bags into a hoop.

Our letter of the week has been e and we have been tracing the letter as well as finding objects beginning with the sound. One of the words we thought of was elephant and the children made up an amazing group story all about the adventures of Elmer the Elephant.

Of course another important focus this week has been Mother’s Day! We hope all of our mum’s enjoyed the Mother’s Day song in church and the card and flower on Sunday.

First Steps -

This week in first steps we have continued with the letter ‘b’ as the children were having so much fun making bees, butterflies, bugs and exploring our growth topic.

We use Jolly Phonics App to reinforce children phonics knowledge and it is very popular in First Steps. If you want to practice phonics at home with your child, we highly recommend to download the app.

We have had continued fun with the play dough, rolling it into long worms and caterpillars and seeing who has made the biggest bug (worms, caterpillars, snails and snakes!).

Our home corner is now a flower shop. The children have been painting and sticking to make flowers to sell and looking at growth from a seed to a flower.

We planted cress seeds, talked about how small the seeds are and to make them grow we need to put water on them. Hopefully you will get to see them grow at home.

We hope you joined us in church on Thursday and heard First Steps singing their Mothers Day song. They were so well behaved and sang beautifully. Well done First Steps.

School Money - Update

School Money has been updated. We hope these step by step instructions will help.

Login in to schoolmoney.co.uk > Sign In (blue button) > schoolmoney parent login

You will then be presented with the login information page requesting your mobile, email, password and child’s first name.

Drop off and Collection Arrangements

The side gate is open each day from 8.00am - 8.05am for early bird drop off. It will then be opened again from 8.15am - 8.30am for drop off, and 3.30pm - 3.40pm for collection. Early bird drop off is for children only and you should leave your children with the member of staff on duty.

If you are running late, please inform Mrs Blower so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Breakfast Club

In order to ensure we can obtain accurate numbers for Breakfast Club each day we have adapted the form currently used to book a place for the after school club. If you wish to apply for a place for breakfast club for the next day or coming week, these requests can be accommodated up to 2pm each day, with the form being taken off line at 2pm to ensure we can make the necessary arrangements. These bookings will need to be made each week and will be 'online' from 3pm each Friday afternoon for the consecutive week.

Second Hand Uniform

For your information, we are no longer hosting sales. If you wish to request some second hand uniform please complete the Google Form:


We are in the process of developing a new website. We are hoping to reveal our new site in February 2018.

The grid calendar is back up and running, although we are still trying to publish 2018-2019 term dates and remove the 2016-2017, however they are in the grid calendar.


Please help us maintain the very best relationships with our neighbours by not blocking or parking in their drives when dropping off or collecting your children.

Please do not park on the yellow chevrons directly in front of the school or across driveways for the safety of all of our children.

Woodland School

Could I ask that you ensure that waterproof trousers, Wellington boots and coats are brought into school on the relevant day (regardless of the forecast) so that we maximise our use of Richmond Park.


Congratulations to all of our certificate winners -

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