Salem Tour of Homes - 2019 Photos, deep thoughts, snarky comments

Every year my wife and I enjoy going to the Tour of Homes here in Salem for a couple of reasons. First, it's fun to see cool features in expensive homes that our 1970's era home lacks, like walk-in closets. Second, we like to criticize design choices that strike us as abhorrent, hopefully out of the earshot of the builder.

Here's photos I took last Saturday at the 2019 Tour of Homes kickoff weekend. The Tour continues through June 23rd: weekends noon to 6 pm, weekdays 6 pm to 9 pm. I'll add some commentary that will range from complimentary to snarky. We only went to four of the 21 homes.

This is a $1,030,000 Sunco home in the Creekside area that was our least favorite, though most expensive. It just seems appallingly non-Oregon and out of place. I'm sure someone will appreciate the "Colonial Style," but we didn't. And what's with the giant rocks all in a row? Uncreative, for sure.

The living room is fairly attractive, aside from the Jesus pictures on either side of the fireplace. (OK, my wife and I are atheists, so we're biased.) However, we like large windows without them being broken up into little squares. When the outside view is nice, why make it hard to see?

I heard a child say, "The bathtub has an old phone." Certainly looks that way.

The wallpaper in this million dollar home was a lousy choice, in our utterly personal opinion. Just about everything else was painted white, not exactly creative home design.

White walls. White shelving. Whoever likes this house enough to buy it probably will eat white bread and wear white shoes.

Also, the million dollar house had boring unicolor gray asphalt shingles. Our roof has a multi-colored shingle roof like this house we walked past on our way to the next nearby Tour of Homes stop. Note how the darker color of these houses blends in better with the surroundings than the white Colonial Style house.

We liked this $670,000 Foksha Homes house down the street quite a bit more than the previous house. The exterior rock and wood felt way more natural.

The living room had a comfortable feel. Nice fireplace.

Ah, large windows! We like. And the outside deck was covered, while the million dollar home only had a deck area completely out in the open.

The kitchen looked attractive with extras like this design behind the stove.

The home had large windows throughout, which helped bring the outside in. My wife and I always feel bedroom-pillow-deprived when we go to the Tour of Homes. Who needs so many pillows on a bed? Isn't two enough?

Our next stop was a $579,000 M.J. Tallan Construction house. It had a bunch of features that appealed to us.

Being met with the sound of running water was pleasant.

The area outside the front door was simple, yet attractively designed.

I was taken with the abundant use of LED lighting in the home. The builder told us that the colors can be easily changed to match your mood.

The kitchen's cabinets and colors all flowed together nicely.

Yay! No Jesus pictures. A horse and bull appealed to us a lot more. Warm look and feel to the living room.

When I wasn't reading in the bathroom, if I owned this house I'd be fiddling with the color of the LED lights.

Bold choice of book for the bathtub. I'd never wanted to read Fifty Shades of Grey, but the wine glass and wooden stand almost made me change my mind.

Whoever set up the house for the Tour of Homes showing had a good sense of style and color.

My wife liked the dog art.

Our final Tour of Homes stop was a $999,999 Pacific National Development house in West Salem. Geez, just make it $1,000,000, so the buyer can say they have a million dollar home.

The view was spectacular.

Makes a lot of sense to have tiny vertical wires on the deck's railing to enhance the view.

Very pleasant living room.

It would have been a crime to not have large windows in every room of this house, given the view. Thankfully, the builder was innocent.

Seemingly no need for window coverings in this bathroom.

We wondered if this shower really didn't need any enclosure. Must be a drain on the floor somewhere, just in case.

Even the laundry room has a nice view. Of course, more houses likely will be built along the slope.

A projector TV setup and large cushy chairs... sweet!

Not sure what Laurel, my wife, was thinking in this final photo. It could have been...

"Our house may be old, lacking a lot of features that the Tour of Homes houses have, but we like where we are." Which probably is how many other people feel after enjoying the Salem Tour of Homes. Here's our living room in the setting sun. Large windows! Wood! We like.

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