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Spotlight: Latin America Exhibition

Born in a Cuban household, family is of utter importance to me. Spotlight: Latin America allowed me to reconnect with my roots. The exhibit featured artists from South and Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The artwork portrayed mimicked those hung in the living room of my Miami home. In regards to family, I believe they are my biggest drive. Walking through the exhibit, along with reading artists' profiles, allowed me to envision the struggles faced by Latin Americans. Ultimately, I was able to connect the artwork to the journey of my family.

Spotlight: Latin America Exhibition

The Good Life

Soldier (2004-2005) - Suzanne Opton (b. 1954)

Suzanne Opton's portrait collection, Soldier, allows me to connect to the good life. Not necessarily the experience of a good life, but rather the sacrifices that must be made to obtain the good life and preserve the good life for others. I have upmost respect for veterans, and am eternally grateful for their sacrifices. In Soldier, Opton photgraphed soldiers upon their arrival to the States, and are awaiting deployment. Most of those photographed have been overseas for over a year. The artwork allows one to wonder what these individuals have experienced. However, as gruesome as their experiences may have been, these individuals have risked all in order to preserve the good life for those of us lucky enough to remain at home. They have constantly sacrificed in order for others to achieve their version of the good life.

Aftermath: The Fallout of War—America and the Middle East Exhibition

Medium and Technique

Water Spirit Mask (Nigeria) (1970) -Ekpeye People

Water Spirit Mask captivates me time and time again. From the first time I visited the Harn, to the most recent, I tend to always admire Water Spirit Mask. Made from wood, paint, mirror, and metal, the mask demonstrates movement. The eye of the observer is led on by the multitude of curves portrayed on the horizontal masquerade headdress. Water Spirit Mask is made to resemble many aquatic features and aquatic motifs. The headdress is in the form of a boat, which is common in the riverine regions where the Ekpeye People dwell. Along with the form of the boat, Water Spirit Mask is seen to be equipped with serpentine and crocodilian features along the sides. Overall, the intricate design of the headdress, and the utter beauty of those that wear the horizontal mask, represents the artistry and joy within the Ekpeye People.

Elusive Spirits: African Masquerades Exhibition

Museum Design

Asian Garden

The Cofrin Asian Art Wing offers an immense open space filled with a variety of artworks. Upon entering the gallery, the eye is free to explore. The Asian Art Wing allows the visitor to wander freely, with little obstruction. Furthermore, the Cofrin Asian Art Wing offers guests the opportunity to walk through an Asian Garden. The Garden allows for one to be free of their sense. Along with the Asian Art Wing, Aftermath: The Fallout of War—America and the Middle East Exhibition offers an open, round space, where one can travel around the exhibit and venture into the world of the experience of war. All in all, the design of the museum lead to a pleasurable and smooth experience.

Asian Collection Exhibition


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