Hawaii The vacation sides some people will never see

My trip to Honolulu, Hawaii was great. I had amazing moments with my family, moments visiting the cities and other things that I didn't know exist in Hawaii until I saw it for my own eyes. So sit back and enjoy this quick overview.


Beaches are beautiful and clear

Haleiwa, Hawaii

The scenery is amazing

Oahu, Hawaii
Haleiwa, Hawaii

Unbelievable warm weather with a mild breeze

Haleiwa , Hawaii

Awwwwww, that view

Haleiwa, Hawaii
Haleiwa, Hawaii

These guys didn't see this wave coming

Can't surf but I love the color of the boards and the view

The sun setting in the beautiful area was amazing

I love urban art and all forms of graffiti.

Pulling over on the side of the rode near Pearl Harbor to snap a quick picture of the view.

I loved seeing the many beaches that Hawaii has to offer.

What we think of Hawaii is all the beautiful places but we never know of the devastating homeless rate that is going on here.

We think this only exist in other cities and states of the USA, but little did we know that it was all around us here.

My heart went out to everyone I saw but it even broke my heart more to see babies and toddlers suffering as well.

Hawaii definitely is a beautiful place to visit just do not forget about anyone of the people that are suffering alone the way. A little of anything goes along way. I saw a sign that read "This could be your family, help us in anyway you can". This is so true! So while we are walking around visiting, sitting in ac, eating our meals and sleeping in our own bed just remember someone out there is wishing they were in your place right now. Thank God, stay blessed and humble by any means nessary because it can be taken away in a moment.

Welcome to Pearl Harbor
Thank You
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Alois Hertz

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