Vikings ships By Alana & DyLan

Vikings started building ships in 700ce, they were called long ships and were used for long vauges and going down rivers. Vikings were recognised as the most skilled shipbuilders of there time. At this time ships were vital to the way of life. The way the keel was constructed made it easy to carry on land if needed. In waters around farmsteads and towns canoes and fishing boats were used.. Merchants used wide deep boats called 'knarrs'

What were Viking ships made of?

Viking ships were shallow and wide so that it was more capable of taking the force of waves and capable of sailing in shallow waters right up to the shoreline.They used oak tree trunks cut about 1.5 centimetres thick,The sail was made from wool and were woven by woman using a loom, sails were square and measured to be 90 square meters in size.

What Did Viking ships look like?

The front and back were often carved into a dragon's head and tail to scare off the sea monster they thought lived in the sea and to look fearsome to other people

How did Vikings make the ships?

They were built beside a river, a tall oak tree would make the keel and long planks of wood were used for the sides. They used wooden pegs and iron rivets to to screw the pieces together. Animal wool and sticker par from pine trees were stuffed in between every joint to keep the water out. Instead of using saws they used axes. Pitch’ was painted on the wood to make it waterproof

. When the ship were to be launched they pushed it over log rollers and into the water.

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