A garden for the disabled Alexia Process Portfolio

Some of the most important things in a garden for the disabled are the facilities that they include for the disabled. Examples of things like these are large paths so that people in mobility devices such as wheelchairs can fit through all of the different paths in a clear and easy way.

Flowers are a very important part of gardens because they smell nice, they look nice and they feel nice.

This is my brainstorm. It talks about how different disabilities can be treated in different ways.

Press the button to see the text up close.
Flowers are very good for people that cannot see or smell because if you cannot see, you can smell them, if you cannot smell, you can see them. Just one of my initial ideas

This is my mood board. It shows different types of plants and utensils that can be used in gardens.

This is my research plan which has different questions and ideas about what I need to look at. ACCESS FM.

This is the information I have for my existing design analysis.

the bottom pic is of the rest of environment.

I have decided that I will be looking at the elderly and all the disabilities they might encounter. Some things I might have to keep in mind are that they would get tired, so it is important to have benches everywhere, that they will need space for their wheelchairs, I must have at least a 2 metre pathway.

Article analysis:

“Tips on garden design for disabled people, garden design for people with disabilities, garden design.” 2017. 6 Mar. 2017. <http://www.carryongardening.org.uk/tips-on-garden-design-for-all-disabled-gardeners.aspx>.

This article gives many tips on designing a disabled garden for disabled people. These are the main points:

The layout of a garden is what defines the amount of love one gives towards gardening. One of the main things to keep in mind regarding any disability Is to make sure that the features the garden include are lo maintenance.

This article also talks about giving tips on different parts of a garden:

For the layout of the garden, it is recommended to have many places where to sit down, some benches, maybe some lounging chairs to just have a rest and catch some breath. Another idea is to have an overgrown wild grassy area (field) with mowed paths to make it less time consuming.

For flowers, some nice things to have are small patches of growth and ponds look really nice but take a long time to clean and could be so a better idea would be something like a water feature that is safe and that will not cause any danger or any hard work, something like a fountain with railings so no-one falls in, something that will fit the atmosphere but not ruin the atmosphere.

Another important thing is the paths that will be included. If you need wheelchairs, you should consider something wider and smoother than if you want exercise in something as a trekking trail.

Plants are the most important thing. Types of flowers that are beautiful and would look beautiful are things like hydrangeas and camellias in a light pastel blue, green, pink or purple shades.

Google form review:

i sent out a google form asking the public about different opinions they had about my ideas and asked what they thought of my plans. I got mixed results back which are all insde of this photo grid.

Overall, the results I got where very interesting and exactly what i needed them to be.

Design brief:

What did I learn from the different stages of my design?

I learnt lots of things but mainly, what I learnt is that flowers are very stimulating and are very peaceful and that they can always be used to calm oneself.

This is what I want my final garden to look like

This is the final design of my garden. Which I drew by hand because i could not get the apps to work.

i also think that the other part of my research which was effective was the end of the research review, I made a form which i sent out to many different people and got results.

These are my 6 annotated drawings that build upon my four preliminary annotated which are up at the top of my presentation.

This is my favourite of my images because of the following.

Aesthetics. What I need this garden to include is a nice area that people can relax in. this would be the flower beds where people can have a picnic, relax, take some sun, look at the lake and so on. I think the layout of this garden is the most aesthetically pleasing because everything has a place. The lake, cafe and zoo are inside but outside you have . little pond, the wheelchair rental, some small forest.

Cost. the cost of any of my gardens would be free because it is a garden that is suited outside of an old person home.

The customers are only the people that reside in the old person home so that they have some enjoyment outside. Which is also why the cafe is free of charge.

Environment. This is very eco-friendly because it is adapting a living space into a better space instead of tearing it down, animals still reside in this area, there is a lake for ducks and there is also a flower bed for deer and such.

Size, this garden is approximately 1.5 km by 1 km. this should give an example of the size of my actual garden.

Safety. this garden is very safe with its number one concern being the safety of all the elders who will navigate it. All the paths are smooth so that no one can fall, the lake is lined by a fence, the animals that are there are docile, there are no bears that can attack, the petting zoo makes sure that all safety precautions are taken. There is no peril for anyone in the garden.

Function. The function of this garden is to appeal to any elder person with the following problems: mental health eg, dementia, alhziemers, amputees, deaf, blind and mute. The function is

Materials. Plants, bricks, water


I fixed the things my google form told me to improve, i added benches and some shrubberry area.
Final image of garden.

after sending out my google form, i changed all the things that my respondes asked me to change. which are the pictures on top of this text.


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