Surprised by Joy Our hope for you this christmas 2019

Dear friends and family, near and far,

This year we went trudging in a Queensland rainforest searching for the Victoria’s Riflebird. Now and then we heard what might have been the bird’s call. We were ready to give up, when, with our hope wearing thin, she appeared from behind a mossy trunk. We were surprised by joy.

Our patience must have been pale in comparison to that of the wise people who found themselves traipsing for days behind a star. Our hopeful listening did not match that of the shepherds in the paddocks who opened their ears and minds to angels. Imagine their utter amazement and joy to find themselves face to face with the Christ child—faith, hope and love wrapped in a bundle in the straw.

Wherever your hope leads you in troubled times, may you be surprised by the joy of God-with-us this Christmas, always and everywhere.

With our love,

Chris and Geoff xx

P.S. This year we marked twenty years of marriage. Chris focused on her writing. Geoff quietly plotted a journey to visit friends and pursue answers to questions in the USA. We enjoyed the fruits of both projects. To read more about our exploits, go to www.geoffandchris.com. If you want to read Chris’s book, you’ll need to wait a few more months.