Journey Log 6

Justin Wilcher - Skankhunt42


Journey log 6


Habits of Mind being Used: Planning and Replanning

The week of writing our first attempt at the Research Paper. After no class this last week and just a quick meeting at the library not much has been on my mind in the English world. I went early to the library to check out two books I found on the online database. before our meeting. I started to Plan my outline for the research paper, as I learned through our Planning and Replanning Habits of Mind, a day before our one on one meeting. For my outline I broke my main ideas like a layered cake into separate paragraphs that included; intro, biography, historical, cultural, and conclusion. After the meeting I did not touch any of my research until Sunday. I went to the library to write my 1000 word draft, with my outline in front of me I went to type the first basic sentence. Yet I was unable to find the right sentence. I planned to start with a cliche opening on what a villain is. I sat there typing villain over and over again yet could not think of something that fits my outline. I finally typed the easy intro paragraph that I should have finished 15 minutes sooner

I looked at my outline and realized it was time to go over how Frank Underwood was a villain and show examples of his Decisiveness, Ruthlessness, Manipulation, and Power. There I go typing away and as I look at my outline I decide it is not the right approach. I decided to Revise my outline by making it more chronological instead of sectional. I felt like it flowed easier since if I went sectional, the story line of the show itself will confuse readers who have not seen the show since it will be all out of order. After Replanning my research essay was necessary and I feel that I learned there are different ways to format the essay based on the information within.

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