Donation provides a well of data Thanks to geoLOGIC systems ltd., students will learn to use data essential to their success in the oil and gas field.

In 2020, geoLOGIC systems ltd. donated their industry-leading geoSCOUT software for use by students in the Geological Technology and Petroleum Engineering Technology programs. Over the next three years, the software will enable learners and users to retrieve, analyze, display and report on oil well activity and history, quickly and accurately.

The NAIT community is grateful for this generous donation, which will give students an advantage in their careers.

Jonette Dela Cruz, Petroleum Engineering Technology

I would like to extend my gratitude to geoLOGIC – your generosity will lead to many opportunities for future Petroleum Engineering Technologists like me. I learned so many things about the geological and abundance of reserves of Canada.
After I graduate, I believe this knowledge about well exploration and production through the software will lead me to success because it prepares me well for my future career path.
An industry partner since 2015, geoLOGIC systems ltd. gift will continue to provide software for Petroleum Engineering Technology and Geological Technology students, giving them access to a database rich with oil well data to prepare them for rewarding careers in the oil and gas industry.
Through their previous support, geoLOGIC provided the software for nearly 400 graduates, who are now putting their skills to work in industry.
“Thank you to the geoLOGIC team for the generous donation of access to the geoSCOUT software. geoSCOUT gives our students access to a tremendous breadth of oil and gas industry data throughout Western Canada. This data is a necessary and integral part of our student learning. geoLOGIC is a valued industry partner, and their ongoing commitment to support polytechnic education is appreciated.”

- Stewart Cook, dean of the School of Applied Sciences and Technology