7 Seasons - Ceiling Art Panels

The Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) have a deep respect for the natural world. We understand the complex connections within the environment and the links between, plants, animals, water and climate. We have a strong cultural, economic and spiritual relationship with the land and sea, and although our boundaries extend up to 50 km inland we are known as salt water people. For the Larrakia people - the year is divided into seven seasons (not just wet and dry). Our calendar is circular, not linear. There is no beginning and no end but a constant flow. Each season is associated with distinctive patterns of weather, but also changes in flora, fauna and human activity
7 ceiling light panels with an assortment of patterns. Each motif represents a different season according to the Larrakia.
The 7 seasons are: Dalay (Monsoon season) - January to February. Mayilema (speargrass, Magpie Goose egg and knock ‘em down season) - March to April. Damibila (Barramundi and bush fruit time) - April to June. Dinidjanggama (heavy dew time) - June to August. Gurrulwa (big wind time) - July to September. Dalirrgang (build-up) - September to October and Balnba (rainy season) - November to December
Each motif represents a different season according to the Gulumirrgin.
Created By
Jason Lee