Prokol Polymers Podium Deck Waterproofing Application WALHAM GREEN COURT HAMMERSMITH & FULHAM COUNCIL For Mitie GROUP PLC

Working in Partnership with

Following an instruction from one of our existing clients Mitie & their client Hammersmith & Fulham Council presented them with a water ingress issue that needed a long-term rectification solution. Prokol Polymers UK our approved installers attended site location to carry out & access what kind of specification was required.

QTS Group Approved Prokol Applicator

The Challenge & Scope of Works

The podium deck was situated outside high profile local shops in the heart of London's trendy Fulham, so traffic management was key to keeping these business's fully functional during the disruptive works but also managing a safe place for the general public and shop owners to go about their every day business safely. The shops had basement areas directly below the public footpath used as sales areas and store rooms, we were informed a number of solutions were attempted over the years but none of which solved the problem.

First Phase - Understanding the Substrate & Destructive Survey

Understanding the substrate build up when applying a long term waterproofing system is key as any trapped moisture below could cause outgassing and push off or de-bond any coating applied. Once all the paving slabs had been removed QTS Group operatives began the destructive survey phase find that on top of the 150 mm concrete deck there was a build of unstable LYTAG (LYTAG is a lightweight aggregate produced from pulverized fuel ash (PFA), a by-product of coal-burning power stations) that had become sodden with water and very brittle so this all had too be removed prior to waterproofing system being applied. Before the main concrete deck preparation began a series of concrete repairs needed to be carried out, after this the approved applicator began the task of removing the failing LYTAG medium back to a sound and solid concrete substrate. This was then cleaned of any alien residue, hammer tested and profiled ready for the next phase of Prokol Polymer sealer primer.

Concrete Repairs 

Phase Two - Prokol Polymers Primer System

Prokol Polymers Technical Inspectors reviewed the prepared concrete deck and specified a water based primer Prokol Profast Primer R - solvent free fast curing application with integral fillers based on Pure Polyurea combinations, suitable for moist mineral surfaces and is shrink proof. This application also applied to all elevated public walkways where the water ingress passing through the concrete was causing stalactite build up and progressive structural damage. Kiln dried sand was broadcast into the primer system and covered the area whilst the primer cured (primer cure time 30 to 40 minutes) this allows for full traffic ability and turns a chemical key to mechanical key without the need to re-apply primer in poor weather conditions. Most importantly though the primed substrate is anti - slip at all times plus fully waterproof.

Phase Three - Prokol Polymers CE Certifed Pure Polyurea Spray Applied Membrane

Once the area has been checked and swept to a clean workable surface minor filling works are completed ready for the next phase of final fast cure waterproofing with anti - slip directly from the Pure Polyurea can be applied

QTS Lead Spray Technician

Prokol Polymers CE Certified Hydrophobic Pure Polyurea Liquid Coating withSystem 8 Second Cure

Hydrophobic Explained

Once the primer has cured Prokol Polymers CE Certified Hydrophobic Pure Polyurea Seamless Membrane System can be applied, The Rocathaan 136T liquid membrane cures in 8 seconds and has 330% elongation for thermal movement and thermal shock, any expansion joints under 10 mm were directly over coated once serviced, any joint over 10 mm received a de-bonding strip mechanism and this was then also directly over coated.

The Prokol Pure Polyurea System, no Odour, Soft Sound Deadening Properties, Zero Maintenance

CE Certified Pure Polyurea Anti - Slip Finish

The Finish is a Monolithic -Wear Restant - Chemically Resistant & Fully Hydrophobic Coating at 3 mm DFT (Dry Film Thickness)

Final Visit from A Prokol Polymers Technical & Quality Control Support Inspector Checks The Application For Sign Off & Manufacturer Warranty Issue (30 Years Minimum) The Original Paving Slabs Were Then Re-Applied As If No Works Were Carried Out At All

Prokol Polymers UK Technical & Quality Control Inspector

Prokol Polymers is an ISO Registered Company

  • Total Application Area 300m2
  • Application Monitored Constantly by Prokol Polymers UK for Quality & Client Sign Off
  • Total Project Cost of Waterproof Application Only £45,287.40p
  • Duration of Works 10 Working Days (Including inclement weather issues)
  • Zero Defects
  • End of Defects August 2016
  • 30 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Application Performance Inspected Annually by Prokol Inspectors for 30 years (where acaccesable)

www.prokol.co.uk - info@prokol.co.uk

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