Ryan's trip to the Auyuittuq National Park By Ryan Bromirski

Finally the day has come were me and my family get to go to the Auyuittuq National Park! We've been waiting for this trip for a long time. Lots of people say it is really neat. The thing that I was really excited to see were the Northern Lights.

We chose to go there on a plane.

Day 1, when we got there we went hiking. We went up one of theirbiggest mountains there.

That was our first day but on our second day we woke up early and set up a tent for when it turned night.

During that day we went dog sledding.

On the camping night we heard lots of strong wind. Then we checked the weather and we heard there we really bad storms coming in a two days.

That was what it was like in Central Canada.

We decided to stay until it got close.

After camping, the next day we really wanted to go skiing and snowboarding. So we did and it was really scary.

It was also really fun. But then we checked the weather and the storm was only one hour away!

When we were packing up we started to see really harsh clouds.

The air port was in the storm so we had to drive.

We were unlucky because we got caught in the storm

The Road was covered so we had to wait the storm out. Sadly the storm was 2 hours long.

When it slowed down we drove home and that trip was one of the funest trips I had ever went on.


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