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Hello Seniors

My name is Kyla Glass and I am the owner of Through My Glass Photography. I have combined my passion for photography with my love of helping young adults look and feel amazing to create the perfect senior portrait experience. Senior portrait sessions are about more than just creating great pictures......I want you to be the star of the hour, have fun and walk away feeling happy and confident about your session. The photographs we capture will be the icing on the cake.

Pre-Session Consultation

Every session includes a complimentary pre-session consultation. It is not required, but I highly recommend scheduling one. During this meeting we will talk about session locations, wardrobe, hair and make-up ideas and I will answer any questions you have. It's a great opportunity to get to know each other prior to your session.

What to Expect

Your session will typically take place about 2 hours before sunset. This is the ideal time for amazing light and the perfect sunset glow. You may choose up to two locations for your photo shoot, as long as they are within a 10 minute drive of each other. We don't want to spend precious shooting time driving all over town. I will give you coaching on posing so you don't have to worry about a thing. I photograph both males and females and I'm comfortable working with both. I love getting a mix of posed and candid shots during the session, so expect to move and have fun!

After the Session

After your session I will select the best images to hand edit and present to you during your personal preview time. I have a variety of pricing options for you to purchase digital images, albums, prints or wall art. I do not lock you into set collections, and prior to all sessions I will collect the $150 session fee up front regardless of future purchases.

What to Wear

One of the most stressful parts of getting your picture taken is figuring out what to wear. During your pre-session consultation you are welcome to bring any outfits you are considering for your session. I am happy to offer input as well as help you coordinate outfits. The key to picking the perfect wardrobe for your session is to find things that you feel great in! Plan to pack extra items and accessories as well.

School Spirit

These are your senior photos, so while you want to feel like a supermodel for a day, you also want to commemorate your high school years. Including a favorite school t-shirt, sports jersey or letter jacket can add a touch of sentimental value to your images. This is also a great time to show off your hobbies! Bring along your sports gear, musical instrument or art supplies. I love incorporating the things you love into your session!


With so many great locations in the Vancouver/Portland area it can feel a little overwhelming deciding on the ideal one for your session. Don't worry, I am more than happy to make suggestions and work with you to find the perfect spot!

Location Ideas:

- A favorite coffee shop, museum or book store

- Doing your favorite activity - hiking, playing a sport, etc

- Downtown city session (PEARL DISTRICT IS MY FAVORITE)!

- Local park, nature center or botanic garden

- At your home or a friend's home that has cool features

- At the lake or waterfront

- Local landmark


Q. When will my session take place?

A. Most sessions are scheduled in the afternoon/evening, about two hours before sunset. I schedule sessions on weekends and weekday evenings based on availability.

Q. How far in advance should I book my session?

A. Spring and Fall are the busiest times of the year for senior portraits, so if you are wanting a session during that time, I would suggest booking a few months in advance to ensure you get the date you want.

Q. Where do I get my hair & make-up done?

A. I like Glam Beauty Bar in Vancouver, WA ( This is an additional fee if you choose to use them).

Q. Can I bring a friend with me?

A. You are welcome to bring a friend and/or parent along on your session if you would like - I actually prefer it. Having a friend there can help you relax, make you laugh and help you with choosing the best outfits and accessories.

Q. How long will I have to wait to see my pictures?

A. It typically takes 2-3 weeks to edit and prepare the images for your personal viewing session.

Q. Can I purchase just the digitals?

A. I highly suggest purchasing heirloom products such as wall art and albums that won't end up lost in a drawer or buried in a folder on your computer someday. Having tangible memories is a valuable part of the experience. However, I realize that we live in an electronic age where digital images are valued, so you get to choose how you would like to spend your money.

Print & Digital Pricing


The session fee includes time and creative talent with your own online gallery to view your proofs. As an added perk I will deliver one yearbook selection to the school's yearbook staff and post a sneak peek on Facebook and Instagram. Session fees are collected before the first photo is taken.

Digital File Options (all retouched, color, black & white and high resolution with print release).

  2. ALL DIGITAL IMAGESĀ $550. All files are retouched & high resolution files with a downloadable link and print release.
  3. 30 DIGITAL IMAGES $450. All files are retouched & high resolution files with a downloadable link and print release.
  4. 20 DIGITAL IMAGES $350. All files are retouched & high resolution files with a downloadable link and print release.
  5. 10 DIGITAL IMAGES $300. All files are retouched & high resolution files with a downloadable link and print release.
Print Pricing
  • 4x6 / 3x5's - $7.00
  • 5x7 - $15.00
  • 8x10 - $20.00
  • 11x14 - $50.00
  • 16x20 - $125.00
  • Set 4 wallets (one pose) - $10.00
  • Set of 8 wallets (die cut) of one pose - $13.00
  • Set of 24 wallets (die cut) of one pose - $25.00
  • Set of 48 wallets (die cut) of one pose - $40.00
Premium Handcrafted Album

Made from premium quality materials with the finest press paper, the pages lay flat and priced at a friendlier cost for you. $300.00

Gallery wrapped canvas wall portraits
  • 8x10 - 99.00
  • 11x14 - $120.00
  • 16 x 20 - $140.00
  • 20 x 30 - $300.00

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