Africa's abc's By:Robert Rodriguez

Africa:Africa is the largest continent in the south.Used to have an important resources which was salt.

Benin:Was a Kingdom that started in 1200s. They became rich from slave trading.

Chad:Population of 12.8 million people live there.Is a sandstone village in the middle of the sahara.

Devices:They released cheap phones in africa for the first time the countries are; Ghana, Ivory Coast,and kenya and more.They only gave it to seven countries.

Egyptian capital:Has a population of 17 million residents.And is a metropolitan area.


Great Zimbabwe: Was a kingdom and had a wall as tall as 36 feet surrounding them. It was also a stone city.


Islam: They had started to influence north africa in 7th century.Why they did it was to be able to make trading routes.



Lake Victoria:Lake victoria is the largest lake in africa.I take up 26,830 square miles.

Morocco:Morocco was the one to end the songhai empire.Morocco was part of the civil war.

Nigeria:Nigeria is the most populous country in africa.It has a population of 125-145 million people.


Population:The population of africa is nearly one billion people.More than half of the population is under 25 years old.



Salt:Since africa had no ice or something to preserve they used salt to preserve food in the sahara long ago.Also salt used to be worth gold because of that value to food.

Tropical Forest Africa:The tropical forest in africa is near the equator.Even though it rained a lot it had bad soil.



Wildebeest:It is one of the four fastest animals.And it mainly runs more than 50 miles per hour.





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