Clouds Which is which

Stratus clouds are formed in flat layers. They usually cover most of the sky. They may bring rain or snow. They form closer to the ground.

Nimbostratus is pretty much the same thing as stratus clouds they are just a little lower and bring rain.

Cumulus clouds are big and fluffy. They are less then 2 kilometers above the ground. These clouds can produce thunderstorms.


These clouds kinda look like fog that's further up. In fact it is 6 kilometers up. They are called high clouds.

Altocumulus clouds remind me of lines. They are higher up in the sky but are just as cool. It usually brings wind but not too much.

As you can see from the picture these are the tall,big,fluffy clouds. They are called Cumulonimbus. It is associated with rain storms and is more then 2000 meters above the ground.
The way to know what a Cirrocumulus cloud is to spot the clouds that look kind of blotchy. They are no higher then 12000 meters above ground and no lower then 6000. They are the high altitude clouds.

Cirrus clouds are like big wispy pieces of hair. they are usually more then 7000 meters up and bring cooled water droplets(AKA frost) to places.


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