American Culture & Reform 19th century movements


Use your background knowledge to fill in the top two boxes about Thoreau.

Step 2 - Learn

As you watch the video, complete the graphic organizer on your paper.

(If the video is restricted - click HERE)

Step 3: Apply

Watch the video below. Pick one commercial or quote to use as your example!

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Read the primary source below. Use what you know about Thoreau & Transcendentalism to answer the follow up questions on your paper.

Step 4: investigate

Study the paintings below. Record your observations on your paper.


Click HERE to research the Hudson River School.

Click HERE to research John James Audubon.

Read below to research Reform Era Literature.

Step 6: process

Now, fill in the center column on your chart - what is a common theme between the art and literature from this era? Why do you think that is important?


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