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You might have seen our posts earlier this week asking for your vote in Aetna’s Voices of Health competition. Thank you to everyone who’ve supported us with your votes and spreading the word to your networks! The competition is currently taking place across America, with nonprofits trying to collect the most votes within their region. We were nominated to participate in the Bay Area’s competition, and chosen by Aetna amidst hundreds of other nonprofits! This competition is an opportunity to spread awareness of our organization and mission, and to win $20,000 that we can use to grow our programs. As a brand, Aetna is focused on being a hub of wellness for communities across the country. Family Giving Tree is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting other nonprofits, so we completely understand that mission! FGT functions as a support system for organizations on the front lines of the fight against poverty and disenfranchisement. Our goal is to support the community by connecting people (donors and recipients) through the value of giving. We believe that a healthy community is one that doesn’t just care, it’s one that acts. We work to reduce the stressful burden of poverty by centering the needs of those with the least in our midst. The need to feel seen and special during the holidays, and prepared to tackle the first day of school. The need of a teacher to look at a student in their care with excitement for all that they can accomplish, instead of worry that such a simple thing as not having the right tools will hold them back. The need of a parent to be able to smile at their child playing with a new toy they’ve asked for all year, instead of the stress of deciding which bill gets paid late to afford that present. Winning the Voices of Health competition would be a huge help towards realizing that mission of providing more support and relief, so any and every vote helps! People from all over the world can vote, so feel free to share the link to all of your network 🌍 If you’d like an email template, feel free to copy the one below!

Help Family Giving Tree win $20,000 through the Aetna Voices of Health Competition! Voting began on September 9th and runs through 9:00 pm, October 13th.

Please visit FGT’s Aetna VOH web page, watch the video and vote according to the rules: http://www.aetnavoicesofhealth.com/2019/santa-clara/agencies/the-family-giving-tree

You can vote every day - one time on each of the four platforms, so set-up a calendar reminder to vote daily!!

FGT thanks you for your support as they strive to strengthen their hub of support for those most in need in the Bay Area!

The connection between poverty and health is fairly well comprehended in today’s society. There’s a general understanding that being unable to afford medical copays, or fresh, healthy food will have a detrimental effect on an individual’s health. This downward spiral of being unable to afford the healthy option or seeing a physician regularly leads to much more severe illness later on in life, which is even more expensive to treat. But the additional connection between health and education is a little more nebulous. Increased health literacy and health education (everything from nutrition to mindfulness) is something most all of us can benefit from, but being too hungry to pay attention in class is a unique burden that impoverished students face. And it’s not their only hurdle--being unable to afford testing for learning disabilities, worrying for the wellbeing of an overworked parent, and feeling isolated for not having even basic school supplies all negatively impact a student’s health and education. At Family Giving Tree, we take an approach to health from a perspective that considers both community and the individual. As an ecosystem, a community is only healthy when its people feel supported, fulfilled, and connected--basically, communities are only healthy when individuals are healthy. Our goal is to bridge the space between those who want to give and those who are in need, from one corner of the Bay to the other, and we appreciate you joining us on achieving that mission 💗

Are you ready to lead a drive?

It’s almost time to register to become a 2019 Holiday Wish Drive Leader! Registration for DL’s opens up next Monday, 9/16. Starting that day you’ll be able to find the registration link on our website.


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