Shawnee District Roundtable Roundup

  • Units in Attendence: Troop 6, Troop 106, Troop 169, Troop 65, Troop 10, Pack 5 and Pack 69
  • Training: 30 Leaders are or will be delinquent in their Youth Protection Training and emails have been sent out to those whom are. Training Dates for OWL, IOLS, BALOO etc. are in your Unit Mailboxes.
  • Advancement: Advancement Day is this Saturday the 8th. There are some open slots but classes are filling up. Cost is now $15.00.
  • Camping: Work continues up at camp with 3 major projects scheduled to be completed by Dec. 31st. April 15th will be a council workday. Bring your family members that are in for the holiday up show them camp and help get the camp ready for 2017 Summer Camp Season.
  • Finance: Units that have not scheduled their FOS dates please let Brennan know ASAP. Good Scout Dinner will be held May 17th at the Moose in Lewistown and Paul Wilson formally of Wilson's Jewelry and Gifts is the honoree. Gold Medal Dinner is beginning to be planned if you have anyone in mind please send the form to Brennan.
  • Commissioner: Please let Paul know of anyone in your units that would serve greatly as a Unit Commissioner.
  • Camporee: Earl Davis was in and described the events that will be taking Place. Leaders Guides are in Unit Mailbox and have been emailed to each unit leader. Patrol Leaders must attend and take notes at Crackerbarrel on May 5th. Please bring Above Ground Firepits and your own wood. Stacked Lumber within the camp is off limits.
  • Cub Scout Program: Charlotte talked about hiking. Discussing Leave No Trace principles, types of hikes and places to hike. Also provided a map of the Nature Trail at Seven Mountains Scout Camp.
  • Boy Scout Program: Scott Lewis was in and discussed Low Impact Camping. Scott and Troop 106 go on what is called coffee can campouts. Where everything they can use must fit in a tin coffee can. Scott showed everyone the numerous items that filled his can and the various uses of things such as a garbage bag as a sleeping bag. Digging into his pack Scott showed many other Low Impact camping ideas such as Hammock Camping to keep one off of the ground while also being covered. Also providing some survival tips such as 4 drops of straight clorox per 1 qt of water will purify, having a slight chlorine task meaning it is purified.
  • Next Roundtable will be May 4th at 7:00 pm at the Compass Center in Lewistown.

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