All Hands on Deck: SHS Staff and Students Help with Beautification Project

Scarsdale High School art teachers Adrienne Sapione, Michelle Foligno and Lisa Scavelli are on a beautification mission.

The three teachers have embarked on an ambitious project to beautify a black fence that surrounds the High School’s Community Garden by decorating it with hundreds of multi-colored glass tiles, all made by Scarsdale students, teachers and staff members. The glass project will face Post Road when it is completed.

Staff members were coached on how to create glass tiles.

To that end, the teachers are enlisting help from the school community, setting up a schedule of tile-making sessions, encouraging teachers and staff to use their hands to create something beautiful and contribute to the overall multi-colored endeavor.

At a recent tile-making session, a group of 12 students, teachers, administrators and staff spent an hour using pieces of colored glass, glue, safety goggles and nipper-cutters to create small but beautiful tiles that, when completed, will be fired in a kiln and wired for display on the garden fencing. “The goal is to play, and enjoy yourselves,” said Ms. Sapione, who with Ms. Foligno and Ms. Scavelli provided the group with instructions on using tools, wearing goggles, and working with glass to create their designs.

Sorting through the art department's treasure trove of glass to create a color scheme.
School staff members used a mat, nippers, and scorers to measure and cut their glass pieces.
Some of the glass tiles already complete and waiting for the installation.

The art teachers also encouraged the group to use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel (warm color palettes and cool color palettes) which will eventually help in the overall design of the fencing project. Already, thanks in large part to student participation, the teachers have amassed several containers of individual completed tiles.

The teachers have reached out via email to dozens of District employees, inviting them to the glass tile-making sessions. The remaining session dates are March 11, April 1, May 6 and May 20, all from 2:10 pm to 3 pm in Room 215 at the High School.

The three teachers hope to begin the fence-beautification project in the fall.