Snapshots of Excellence December 2020 - February 2021

In December, many schools provided many different STEM learning opportunities for students. Left: Students at Zone Township Central School explore electrical circuits, pulleys and gears. Right: Grade 4/5 learners from Queen Elizabeth II Public School in Sarnia participated in a cross-curricular action lesson, incorporating life skills, procedures and STEM.

King George VI Sarnia Intermediate classes learn about the history of robotics. They explored assistive robotic devices that support different individuals with their needs. Then they were given the STEAM task of creating a “robotic hand”. Here is one of the finished products.

Community engagement is a significant focus for our schools, as they commonly serve as vibrant community hubs. With many people in our communities experiencing greater needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased that our schools continue to donate their time and resources in support of various community agencies. As you can see, the giving spirit was alive and well at our secondary schools during the month of December. Left: Wallaceburg District Secondary School students collect donations for The Salvation Army. Right: Ridgetown District Secondary School Spirit Team presented their candy cane-gram fundraiser proceeds to the Ridgetown Food Bank.
Intermediate French immersion students at Harwich Raleigh Public School enjoyed their Experience The Trades virtual learning opportunity organized by LKDSB Pathways teachers.
Harwich Raleigh Public School students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 participate in the Hour of Code 2020.
The COVID-19 pandemic has supported innovative and enhanced opportunities for students and staff to engage with other schools and community members through the use of technology in the classroom. Left: McNaughton Avenue Public School students participate in a virtual call, asking and answering questions with “Adopted Grandparents” from Hudson Manor in Tilbury. Top Right: Grade 10/11/12 Quad 2 music students from Lambton Central Collegiate & Vocational Institute performed for the Virtual Elementary French Immersion kindergarten students. Bottom Right: Students from Sir John Moore Public School listen to a virtual read aloud. Bottom left:
Left: Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School welding students display their completed welding projects – reindeer! Right (middle and right): As part of an ongoing collaborative partnership between the Lambton Kent District School Board and Chatham-Kent Public Health, the Greenhouse at John McGregor Secondary School was transformed into an exhibition space. Three classes were engaged with the following prompt: What have you learned during your COVID-19 pandemic experience, and what lessons will you take with you as you imagine a future beyond our current pandemic reality? Students responded, and selected quotes from those responses were turned into vinyl letters and adhered to the windows of the greenhouse. The installation engages student voice, records a sample of what youth have been thinking and feeling over the past year, and celebrates their role in helping the Chatham-Kent community and beyond imagine the future ahead.
In January, students and staff engaged in remote, teacher-led learning at home. Left: Grade 1 students at Errol Village Public School learned about hues in art class. They were encouraged to find items within their home to showcase different hues. Right: A Grade 1-2 teacher from McNaughton Avenue Public School leads a lesson about turtles using a family pet. He was reading a book, “Over and Under the Pond” by Kate Messner and then talking about biodiversity.
As mentioned during the January 26 Board Meeting presentation by Superintendents Hazzard and Mancini on remote learning, staff used various tools to support effective synchronous learning for students, such as Google Classroom, Google Meet, SeeSaw, etc. Here are a few examples: Left: High Park Public School students engage in number talks with an LKDSB Math Coach. Right: Grade 8 students from Tecumseh Public School showcase their work during virtual art lessons.
Left: Thamesville Area Public School students learn about BEDMAS (Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction) with an LKDSB Math Coach. Right: Thanks to a creative construction teacher, a Northern Collegiate Institute & Vocational School student continues to learn about skilled trades at home. LKDSB staff went above and beyond to support the continuation of student learning during the remote learning period, including providing technology, assistive supports, supplies and resources to allow students to engage in learning.
Black History is annually celebrated during the month of February, but the role of African Canadians in our history and society is embedded in the LKDSB curriculum throughout the year.​​​ Left: The John McGregor Secondary School library displays books highlighting Black authors and Black identities and experiences. Right: Students in Grades 3/4 at High Park Public School learn about the ‘Memphis Jookin’ style of dancing.
With the return to in-person learning, John McGregor Secondary School SHSM auto students completed the repairs on a 2010 Sebring car for the "Rebuilding Wheels - Rebuilding Lives" program. This program, which is part of a community partnership with United Way of Chatham-Kent and other community partners, engages high school students to repair vehicles donated for individuals and families who are struggling to meet their transportation needs.
During February, staff and students transitioned from virtual learning back into the classroom. Left: King George VI Public School Chatham teacher, Mrs. Dunn, leads her virtual class in a re-energizing break. Middle: A Sir John Moore Public School teacher gives a number talk about benchmark fractions. Right: Students at Queen Elizabeth II Public School - Sarnia celebrate 100 days of school.
Regular communications with parents/guardians & community throughout the school year has been is very important. We are please to provide up-to-date information to staff, students and families as we adjust and adapt to new changes due to the Ministry of Education's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and local Public Health guidance. Along with our website, the LKDSB's Twitter profile has more than 3,400 followers and our Facebook page has more than 5,600 followers. SchoolMessenger emails and telephone calls also assist in keeping our parents/guardians informed.
Over two days, the PSW students at Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School were assessed on vital practical skills needed before they can begin their clinical placements in various facilities around Lambton County. The PSW teacher, Jennifer Sheyan, is featured in many photos guiding students as they learned how to take a client’s blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and how to monitor breathing. They also learned other important care techniques like bed bathing. These students will soon complete more than 400 clinical hours on their way to full PSW certification, and many will be immediately employed as PSWs all over Lambton County.
Here are a couple examples of the unique ways staff at the Virtual Learn at Home Elementary School are able to create unique learning experiences for students and showcase student work. Left: Grade 6/7 students in Ms. Dent’s class display their artwork in a virtual art gallery. Right: The Kindergarten class watched a video, then talked about how everyone is beautiful and unique. The students were guided through drawing lines with the letters X and V to create snowflakes while also learning about symmetry.
Installation of the seating in the auditorium at Great Lakes Secondary School in Sarnia has been completed. The work includes modern and lighting systems and a drama room behind the stage for drama courses. The school is looking forward to a time when students can use the space as a school.