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Problem Statement: By the middle of the 4th marking period, our group has to build a GoKart with working steering, braking, motor drive, throttle, and electronics. The GoKart needs to function using provided power drill and a sheet of plywood. We are also provided a group budget of $25. All other materials have to be scavenged for on our own.


This image is representing the steering by the two front wheels that are separated to the base and you can steer it by the string or rope.

This image is representing the wheels, and steering because the idea of having two big wheels in the back and two smaller wheels in the front will creation the gokart to turn easier.


Image is showing are non detailed sketches by the different angles of how the car is going to look, so where you sit is going to be the biggest part and then it gets more narrow.
This image and the next image are both showing are detailed sketches, on the left it shows Jacks sketch of the throttle, and on the right it shows manny's sketch of the braking system.
This is the second image of our detailed sketches showing on the top left of T'anna and kaybs sketch of the base, my sketch in the top left that shows the sterring, and Radcliffe sketch of the spoiler in part with the electronics.
This is my individual part showing the steering on how the two peddles are where your feet go to stear from left to right.
This image is showing are group assembly of the Gokart on Onshape.
This is my individual Onshape part that is showing the steering. The circles showing the wheels and the two pedals for your feet and you can move your feet back and forth to move left to right.


This is the main base where the driver will sit on and drive the Gokart, we cut this part and most of are parts out of the shotbot and the two holes at the top of the base are where the seat will go to create the mortise and tenon joint will go.
This is the seat part and the seat will connect to the main base as shown in the last image by using the mortise and tenon joints.
This is the frame assembly of the base and the seat connecting through the mortise and tenon joints.
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